Brain-Trainer for BioEra Updates


1.009 – Update03 (released on Feb-24-2020)
– Fixed an error with the feedback in Alpha-Theta
– Removed the second window in HEG

1.009 – Update01 (released on Feb-20-2020)
– Fixed problem with video player starting when other feedback options were selected
– Fixed issue with some games that were not responding to the feedback
– Improved the device selection on TQ design to avoid problems with Neurobit devices

1.009 (released on Feb-12-2020)
– BioEra upgraded to version 4.129
– Added version number of the program to the designs menu
– Reduced the amount of windows that open with the program
– Improved the video panel to allow selection of simultaneous feedbacks of different types
– Added size feedback for video player
– Added volume feedback for video player
– Included a diagnostic button that creates a diagnostic file for error reporting
– Fixed bugs in the TQ design that were making the design freeze
– Fixed bug in the HEG design that was making the design freeze as the baseline was captured
– Added a Signal Tester that shows the signal (oscilloscopes and spectra) before the design is started
– BioPLAY games were updated to a version that doesn’t show the pre-game screen
– Changed the autosave function of the TQ design to replace files with repeated names (the former file is deleted and replaced by the new one)
– Changed the autosave function of the TQ design to include the client’s name in the name of the file
– Improved the blocking of the design elements until the restart button is pressed
– Added 3 new songs to the MBC design
– Made a correction in the MBC design that was preventing the Rocking function to work with the songs
– Changed the sliders in the SMR design to allow changes of 0.1 Hz
– Decreased the range of thresholds and spectra
– Added new Neurobit Optima files besides the 4C ones
– Reduced the volume of the sounds of the HEG design
– Changed the range of stability of the baseline autocapture in the HEG from 0.5 to 1.0 so the baseline will get captured faster
– Changed the trend graphs to the main screen in the FRE design
– Changed the text color from white to black on many elements

January 24, 2020
Bug Fix #01:
– FRE design: The games were not working if there were less than 3 thresholds in each channel.

January 22, 2020
– BioEra upgraded to version 4.123
– Corrected thresholds’ resize mode in designs HEG, FRE and BAL
– Corrected vanishing cog in the HEG design
– Now every window is always loaded in the same screen it was left before
– Now the serial ports in DeviceSet element are found when the Apply button is pressed

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