Troubleshooting in Brain-Trainer for BioEra

Client List

Unable to add client/clients on list that were not added

This has been fixed in the 1.1.1 update.

Device selection

HEG design

You will not get a green connected indication until the headband is on the head sending a signal to the software. Put on and plug in the headband first to see if that resolves your connection issue.

Main window freezes, Status & Device indicators are red

This problem may happen if the wrong device was selected and BioEra starts an infinite loop looking for the signal.
– Close BT4BE
– Go to C:\Brain-Trainer\installers
– Run Main.exe

Ganglion- when selected but not connected, Device setup is not available

– Go to the folder C:/Brain-Trainer for BioEra
– Run bioera.exe
– It will open Brain-Trainer for BioEra along with the programming window (signal diagram)
– In this window, go to Tools –> Device selection and configuration. Then you will be able to select another device.


Part of the display is not seen

– Close BT4BE
– Go to C:\Brain-Trainer\installers
– Run Main.exe

Feedback panel

Clicking one feedback opens the wrong window

This happens if the program has been used before the particular feedback signature was placed on the dongle and the unused connections were deleted.
– Close BT4BE
– Go to C:\Brain-Trainer\installers
– Run Main.exe


Flash screen replace by white screen with blue icon

Flash has officially ended, so users are finding they must use a workaround with an older version of flash if they want to continue using BioPLAY games. Please see our documentation on how to restore flash.


When selecting HEG device in design program crashes

HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers

HEG design not working properly

HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers

HEG design screen flashing

The flashing is opening and closing. HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers

Invalid Exit Code

  • You may need to give admin permission to the Brain-Trainer for BioEra folder.
    1. On This PC (C):, right-click on the Brain-Trainer for BioEra folder.
    2. Choose Properties.
    3. Open security tab.
    4. The next steps depend on what you see there, perhaps give additional permissions to the user in the security tab (e.g. Enable writing and editing).
  • Run Debugger to find error
    1. Instead of running the program from the desktop icon, go to C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra and run start_debugger.
    2. You will get the same error, but you will also see a console window that will give you more details on what is causing the problem

‘BioEra.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Exit code 9009. Press any key to continue.’

The computer security system may be deleting the files.

  1. Add this C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra folder as an exclusion to your antivirus program.
  2. Reinstall Brain-Trainer for BioEra.


One channel is flat lined

It’s possible that an internal error in BioEra is causing that.
– Close BT4BE
– Go to C:\Brain-Trainer\installers
– Run Main.exe

Signal tester shows unused channels

Getting some random signal in channels 3 and 4 is not a problem. It may happen due to electrical fluctuations in the environment. Basically, if you have an electrode plugged in a reference socket (the negative ones), all the positive inputs will measure the difference of electrical potential between the socket and the reference electrode. So it’s possible that you get a signal even if there’s no electrode plugged in the corresponding channel. It doesn’t affect the training.


If the updater is not working as expected, it can be run manually. Close Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Open the folder C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\bt_updater and run the file “bt_updater.”

If you do not receive updates for modules when expected, check for the “.version” file in C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\modules. If the .version file is not present for your module (e.g. heg.version), open C:\Brain-Trainer\modules. Copy the .version file and then paste it into your C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\modules folder. Now the software updater should notify of updates if a newer version is available.


If you have issues playing videos, we recommend downloading and installing K-Lite Codec Pack. Basic is fine. “Server 1” is usually enough. DO NOT ACCEPT A NEWER VERSION WHEN PROMPTED WHILE INSTALLING K-LITE. K-Lite codec pack should allow you to play any video format in Brain-Trainer software.

Video player grey with no video displayed

Run the main installer and select only K-Lite. When asked whether you want the newest version say NO.

Check the C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\media folder. If the videos are not there, run the main installer and select only Media.

If K-Lite is installed and you still see no video displayed in the video window using Video Player, try this workaround:

  1. Open the video player.
  2. Edit play list.
  3. Click “Reload design” (green square at top left).
  4. Now start session.
Video goes black at times

The only video format that is fully supported by BioEra is .WEBM. Other formats may run, but they are more subject to errors. If you want to use your own video files, we suggest you convert them to WEBM to avoid potential problems.

General issues or bugs

Open Brain-Trainer through C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\start_debugger.bat. Perform the steps that created the issue and copy the text in the console window. Send to bt4be for analysis.

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