Troubleshooting in Brain-Trainer for BioEra

Client List

Unable to add client/clients on list that were not added

Save and run this file as well: ClientListFix. This has been fixed in the 1.1.1 update.

Device selection

Main window freezes, Status & Device indicators are red

If you are having trouble connecting the your device (PN Wiz, Ganglion), the COM port may not be recognized properly. Close the program and follow the instructions below.

1) Go to C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra

2) Run bioera.exe (application)
Click “Cancel” to “Password”
Click “Close” to “BioEra opens in run-only mode.”

3) On the smaller window, go to System > Load design

4) Select ND_DeviceSet  and open.
Say “No” to “Do you want to save current design?”

5) In the window with elements scroll down until you find the element called Serial Port that is connected to the element (PN Wiz in this example). Double-click the Serial port element.

6) Select the correct port for your device & click OK

Unplug the device cable from the computer. Close the program and open Brain-Trainer for BioEra normally (desktop icon). Open your design of choice. If the device is not connected (green),

  1. Reconnect the device cable to the computer.
  2. Reload the design.
Ganglion- when selected but not connected, Device setup is not available

– Go to the folder C:/Brain-Trainer for BioEra
– Run bioera.exe
– It will open Brain-Trainer for BioEra along with the programming window (signal diagram)
– In this window, go to Tools –> Device selection and configuration. Then you will be able to select another device.


Flash screen replace by white screen with blue icon

Flash has officially ended, so users are finding they must use a workaround with an older version of flash if they want to continue using BioPLAY games. Please see our documentation on how to restore flash.


When selecting HEG device in design program crashes

HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers

HEG design not working properly

HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers

HEG design screen flashing

The flashing is opening and closing. HEG module may not be installed properly. Install HEG module from C:\Brain-Trainer\installers


If the updater is not working as expected, it can be run manually. Close Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Open the folder C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\bt_updater and run the file “bt_updater.”


If you have issues playing videos, we recommend downloading and installing K-Lite Codec Pack. Basic is fine. “Server 1” is usually enough. DO NOT ACCEPT A NEWER VERSION WHEN PROMPTED WHILE INSTALLING K-LITE. K-Lite codec pack should allow you to play any video format in Brain-Trainer software.

Video player grey with no video displayed

If K-Lite is installed and you still see no video displayed in the video window using Video Player, try this workaround:

  1. Open the video player.
  2. Edit play list.
  3. Click “Reload design” (green square at top left).
  4. Now start session.

General issues or bugs

Open Brain-Trainer through C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\start_debugger.bat. Perform the steps that created the issue and copy the text in the console window. Send to bt4be for analysis.

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