How to update Brain-Trainer for BioEra

Updating the software

It is important that you close the main program (BioEra) during the updating download/installation process when prompted. Click the Brain-Trainer icon at the bottom left. This opens the updater. When you run BT4BE Updater, it will tell if there is a new version available. Press y (yes) and press the Enter key to allow the installation.

The Updater will show a message prompting you to close the main program. When you see this message, close BioEra (the colored window containing the design names — TQ, HEG, FRE, etc.) but don’t close the dark screen (BT4BE Updater). Press Enter.The program will go through the download/installation process and will let you know when it is finished.

How to update Brain-Trainer for BioEra without a device

When you do not have a device, you can update the software using the simulator as selected device.

  1. Close Brain-Trainer for BioEra
  2. Open the folder C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra
  3. Run bioera.exe
  4. It will ask for a password. Click Cancel.
    Along with the main window (the one with the protocols), there will be another window with a gray background.
  5. On this window, open the Tools menu and click “Device selection and configuration”
  6. Change the device to Simulator and click Ok.
  7. Close the program
  8. Run Brain-Trainer for BioEra from the regular location (Desktop icon)
  9. Now it will allow you to click the icon to update

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