Brain-trainer workshop tours on the brain-trainer system

  • Whole-Brain Training

    Whole-Brain Training 7.5 Workshop Video

    Video recording of Whole-Brain Training presentation for version 7.5, the new release of the Trainer’s Q.

    Peter Van Deusen
    Package includes a video recording of the presentation, power point slide presentation and sample assessments.

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  • Understanding brain-trainer designs

    Understanding Brain-Trainer Designs Workshop

    A 2 hour video of our “Understanding Brain-Trainer Designs” online workshop

    In this course you will learn about the function of each design category, main features, functions and interpretation of graphs.

    Peter Van Deusen

    Video is 2:07:37 in length and 574 MB in size. The slide presentation is included in pdf format.

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  • binaural beats and brain-training

    Binaural Beats and Brain-Training Workshop Video

    A 1:18 hour video of the online workshop on binaural beats and brain-training.

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