AutoBaseline Design for HEG


An automated design for BioExplorer software to increase blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based feedback of the HEG measure to control FLASH, DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3, WAV and/or MIDI sound. By Itallis Communication.



This is a BioExplorer design, by Adrian Van Deusen, Itallis Communication for increasing blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based HEG information to control DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3 and/or MIDI sound. The threshold is defined by an automatic baseline capture after 70 seconds without feedback. If the user maintains a level of 10% or more above baseline or 2% or more below baseline for 20 seconds the baseline is automatically reset, so the system will continue to challenge throughout the condition.

Short-term and full-session trends and statistics can be viewed during training. Buttons allow you to raise and lower the baseline manually, mark events on the trend graphs, and toggle between pass/fail and variable feedback.

The HEG suite includes Training screen design, BioReview Report, Inter- and Intrasession graphs and complete Design Notes with instructions. Also included with each pack is a Subjective Scoresheet for tracking feeling progress.

There are pIR and nIR versions for the Minder Labs HEG Wiz, Pendants and the Pocket A3. Below, first select your amplifier (Wiz, Pendant or Pocket) and your HEG headset type (nIR or pIR).

After you place your order, you will receive an email with download information.

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