BioExplorer nIR HEG with AutoBaseline design


BioExplorer software plus HEG design and nIR HEG headband.



This one program allows trainers to work with multiple hardware platforms, including all the equipment we sell. Trainers can create their own training screens (designs) or purchase with the brain-trainer designs subscription in the specially priced BioExplorer Quick Start Package. Integrate feedback from flash animations and games, MP3's, DVD's, audio CD's, digital videos and MIDI music files to keep clients interested in training—all built into the program at no additional cost.


BioExplorer Hasp software key


AutoBaseline Design for HEG

An automated design for BioExplorer software to increase blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based feedback of the HEG measure to control FLASH, DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3, WAV and/or MIDI sound. By Itallis Communication.

nIR Wiz

nIR HEG Headset

For nIR HEG training with the Optima+, Q-wiz, and X-wiz amplifiers. Amplifier and software are needed. Headband will not function on its own.



Software and nIR sensor

Click on any of the products included in this package to learn more. Included in the bundle:

BioExplorer Software
nIR HEG Headband
AutoBaseline Design for HEG

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Not for medical use

Computer specifications for BioExplorer

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