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A complete BASICS of BIOEXPLORER manual by Itallis. Over 100 pages of interlinked HTML for easy cross-referencing, this user’s manual is an excellent complement to BioExplorer’s built-in Help menu.

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BioExplorer Tutorial

“This is the manual I have been craving . . . .His step-by-step explanations and ‘Try It!’ links make this often seemingly impenetrable process, well, penetrable . . . when you read Adrian’s work you feel as if he is actually there with you, explaining everything person-to-person.” —Practitioner

BioExplorer comes with many Help screens but no manual. This BioExplorer Tutorial, by Adrian Machado Van Deusen, takes you through learning the program. The tutorial is used in your browser. You have your BioExplorer open at the same time, and practice the steps as you read.

The original tutorial included 3 Lessons, 110 pages, covering file managing, menus and functions, introduction to the signal diagram, and statistical reports. Your price includes any additional chapters and updates. In March 2008 the tutorial was updated to the 1.4 beta version of BioExplorer, and a new lesson on Audio objects was added with 24 additional pages and 3 video tutorials.

There are seven stages which guide you from basic functions to screen creation and modification:

  • Software Structure
  • Design
  • Menus
  • Display Objects
  • Statistics
  • File Management/File Extensions
  • Audio

When your order is complete you will receive an email with a link to download.

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