Brain-Trainer EEG Basics Bundle (Berman)

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Beta version. All-in-one assessment and training software with built-in feedback. Brain-Trainer software built on BioEra. Designs (protocols) included tell the software how to perform specific types of training and allow the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used.

EEG package comes with everything below.


Brain-Trainer for BioEra assessment and training software

Dongle not included. Brain-Trainer interface for those who already have BioEra plus a permanent subscription to current and future updates of Brain-Trainer protocols/designs. You must contact Proatech to upgrade to the latest version.


TC26 Trainer's Cap

TC26 Trainer’s Cap saline electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. Comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective.


Electrode Covers for TC26 Trainer's Cap

Ten electrode covers for use with sponges to hold sensors in TC26 cap.


Sponges for TC26 Trainer's Cap

50 sponges for use with electrode covers for saline conductance.


Sintered Silver Chloride Electrode for TC26

Single electrode. The best electrode material and solid metal, so they last. They can be used in the cap with saline or with paste and prep as stand-alone electrodes with 60-inch (1.5 meter) wires. Their center holes allow the saline from the sponges to reach the scalp in the middle as well as the perimeter of each site.

Order 7 for 4-channel training, 5 for 2-channel training.

Mentoring, optional

Select number of hours you would like for mentoring with Pete by internet screen sharing or phone to help you get started with the software.



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Not for medical use


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