Brain-Trainer software + Optima + HEG (Berman)

Professional 4-channel whole-brain training. Includes headband and HEG module for nIR HEG training.



Optima+ 4 USB

The Neurobit Optima+ 4 USB is a 4 channel, multifunction amplifier which can record not only EEG, but other signals such as HEG, GSR, temperature, heart rate, and muscle tension. Purchase alone or with everything you need to get started: software and electrodes.


Connector Cable for Optima

To be bundled with Optima+ amplifiers.


nIR HEG Headset

For nIR HEG training with the Optima+, Q-wiz, and X-wiz amplifiers. Amplifier and software are needed. Headband will not function on its own.

Temporarily unavailable


nIR Cable for Optima+

To be bundled with nIR headband for Optima+ amplifier.

In stock


Reusable Silver EEG Flat Electrode

10mm stamped reusable Silver Flat Electrode. 1.5 meter lead wires. Get an extra 1 or 2 as backup. Order a minimum of 3 for 1-channel training. You'll need 5 electrodes for 2 channels and 7 electrodes for 4 channels.

Temporarily unavailable


Brain-Trainer Software (for BioEra)

Dongle not included.  Brain-Trainer software built on BioEra for those who already have BioEra Pro. Beta version. All-in-one assessment and training software with built-in MIDI and video feedback. Designs (protocols) included tell the software how to perform specific types of training and allow the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used.

If you already have a BioEra dongle, please contact BioEra to upgrade to the latest version.


Shadow plug-in

For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Shadowing is a versatile and powerful form of training that allows use of streaming video or use of the computer itself to be used as the feedback. A shadowing window is placed over the feedback screen and darkens or brightens according to how well the brain is doing versus its targets. It can also change the volume of audio in the same way.


HEG/LIFE 2.0 plug-in

For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. nirHEG trains the brain's executive center by giving the brain information on the flow of oxygenated blood in three separate areas of the PreFrontal Cortex (PFC) from moment to moment. Brain-Trainer's unique LIFE game trains both closed focus (concentration) and open focus (consciousness) states and the ability to shift between them. The result is improved attention, stress reduction and improved meditation/prayer states.


Finance Charge

$34 finance charge if payment plan option is selected

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Brain-Trainer with Optima+ 4 USB + HEG add-on

Locked in our homes, we become more aware of issues we’d like to change in our lives, and we have the time to do that, but how? Professionals are blocked from working with people who could benefit from their services.

Brain-Trainer created the market for home-based brain-training twenty years ago. Our Whole-Brain Training System allows professionals and home-trainers to access sophisticated ways of assessing and training brains without the expense and complexity of many other systems. So, when the world changed over-night, Brain-Trainer and the trainers who use our system moved quickly to make customized, powerful training available for whole families—at home—at the most affordable cost in the market for professional quality systems and guidance.

Remote Whole-Brain Training uses the same amplifier and software to do assessment and brain training our professionals use. It includes uses our comfortable, convenient cap system. It is still based on a customized Whole-Brain Training plan. It still trains each person toward their best brain—not some average.

Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system. Now available for your whole household with a professional trainer to guide you. Purchase the package and arrange services with a participating brain-trainer. Professional fees are separate.

The Whole-Brain Training Package includes:


Optima+ 4 USB – professional-quality EEG amplifier that trains up to 4 sites at the same time.


Brain-Trainer for BioEra– Simple, intuitive software performs EEG assessment and training with a USB key that allows you to set up your software on multiple computers (one at a time). You will choose between audio and video feedback or shadowing that allows you to use streaming video or anything you can do on your screen as feedback.

HEG module for prefrontal training


2 silver electrodes

nIR HEG headset for HEG training


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We are not able to ship caps to Spain. Please contact us for a distributor near you.

Not for medical use

Computer specifications

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