Flash Fix for Windows


Sold by Bio-Medical Instruments.

  • Unblocks Adobe Flash content on: BioEra, BioExplorer, BioGraph Infiniti.
  • Simple installation, then your Flash-based games work again.
  • One-time purchase per computer, with no subscription or annual renewals.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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Flash Fix for Windows allows Flash-based games and scenes to be played and viewed under the new update from Windows that has blocked Flash from running. This patch is activated per computer. Works with BioEra, BioExplorer and BioGraph Infiniti biofeedback / neurofeedback software.

In January 2021, all Windows 10 operating systems updated to block Adobe Flash content from functioning. While that may have been prudent for internet security, it also blocked all Flash-based games and scenes within your Biofeedback software.

These games do not present a security risk because their platforms run locally and not on the internet. Based upon this premise, we produced a selective list of “white-listed” platforms that may run Flash games in your Windows 10 environment.

This patch is activated per computer. So if you are operating a service with multiple workstations, calculate on this basis: how many computers will you license to activate in your practice?

Flash Fix is a one-time activation with no subsequent renewal fees. If a computer goes down and needs to have a license transferred to another, this can be transferred.

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