Physioamp GP-8e by J&J (2C)


Trains 2 channels. Amplifier for 2 channels of EEG for Brain-Trainer for BioEra software. Has capability for EMG, ECG, temperature, respiration and HRV.

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Required for linked reference assessment & training:

2-Channel Jumper for amplifiers



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Amplifier for 2-channel EEG and peripheral biofeedback

MONITOR SIX CHANNELS – Two inputs channels are microvolt level with select-able gain and bandwidth for EMG or EEG or ECG. Two channels are temperature, respiration, or other high level sensors. Two inputs are for skin resistance & PPG to measure HR and BVP.

NO BATTERIES – Power is supplied from USB by an isolation module. This reduces down-time and service problems.

RELIABLE CABLES – Medical standard 1.5mm pin to snap leads are used for electrode connections and are available from many suppliers.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – Gives you cleaner signals, more reliability, and lower cost in a compact, rugged enclosure.

COMPACT DESIGN – A general purpose physiological signal monitor in a case the size of a pack of playing cards. Add a small computer and you have a system in your pocket.

CONNECTION TEST – A built-in test monitors electrode connections.

ADAPTABLE – A digital input to connect optional accelerometer or compass modules for virtual reality applications.


You likely need…

2 channel jumper

2 channel jumper connector for linking references


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