Infiniti Cap Package for TQ Suite (TLC)


Now Infiniti users can collect data for the TQ7 Trainer’s Q in as little as 30 minutes! Interface board and Electro-Cap system for Thought Technology encoders for the TLC Suite, Trainer’s Q and Whole-Brain Training Plan.



Infiniti Cap Package for TQ (TLC) Suite

Gather data for the TQ assessment in less time, switching easily between sites using the Electro-Cap. The Electro-Cap 1- or 2-cap system comes with cap, ear drop electrodes, QuickInsert electrodes, gel conductant, syringe application kit and sponge disks and interface board. The Electro-Cap interface board is required to connect the caps pin connector to your DIN cables.
Package includes:

Electro-Cap System – 1 or 2 cap system
Electro-Cap Interface Board (adaptor)

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We are not able to ship Electro-Caps to Spain. Please contact us for a distributor near you.

TQ7 Trainer’s Q

If you have bought the TQ (TLC) Suite from BFE in the past you can get the brain-trainer Trainer’s Q (TLC7ap) here.
If you are a new customer you can purchase the TQ (TLC) Suite for gathering assessment data in Infiniti. Please visit

Software – TQ (TLC) Suite for Infiniti

ProComp 4-channel or 2-channel setup

Gathering data for the Trainer’s Q requires the usual 4-channel or 2-channel setup with linked ears for your ProComp decoder. To purchase the required items, please visit the links below at

EEG Sensors –  Flex Pro EEG Sensor Kit (T9305M) or EEG-Z Sensor Kit (T9305Z)
Connectivity Kit –  TT-EEG 4 Channel Connectivity Kit (T8761) or 2 channel kit (T8760)

Tech Sheet by BFE – Specifications for ProComp Infiniti or ProComp 2 encoders

4 channel setup procomp cap

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