Kerjner Package

$442.00 for 2 months and a $870.00 down payment

With the packageĀ  you can complete recording in 25 minutes from when the client sits down in the chair, remove artifacts, and load assessment views in 3 more minutes and get a training plan that works the whole brain–customized to each client–in just two more.

Our software trains synchrony, symmetry, activation, open and closed focus and deep states with a range of feedback options and push-button ease in managing the training session, so you can focus on the client, not the computer. Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system.

This special package includes:

1-cap Electro-Cap package
nIR HEG headband
Brain-trainer Design Subscription
TLC7ap Trainer’s Q with AutoPlan

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. S & H will be added at checkout for the pay in full option.

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