Level 2 and 3 Workshop Package


Two workshops combined to take your training to the next level. This package contains the PowerPoint slides, audio recordings, and supporting materials from presentations of the Brain-Trainer online workshops. You view the slide presentation following along with the audio.



Level 2 and 3 Workshops

Level 2 Assessment and Training Planning

This workshop shows you how to understand brain activation patterns as they are identified in the Brain-Trainer Assessment. Frequency/state relationships and the concept of Tone are presented. The assessment’s Analyze, Heads and Report pages are covered as they relate to brain-trainer training categories. The Assessment and Training Planning workshop reviews each pattern, its basis in the brain, how it is seen in the EEG, its related symptoms and training approaches. An hour of phone consultation time with Pete is included, so you can discuss any questions you have after reviewing the workshop.

Included are:

Four audio recordings, each approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes
PowerPoint slide presentation
Sample assessment used in the workshop
Workshop manual
(97 MB)

Level 3 Managing the Training Process

This workshop explores outcome-based coaching, session design, protocol selection and adjunctive training materials. You will learn motivation and intervention strategies for difficult client and support group situations, as well as when to change protocols, and when to end training. Methods for keeping records, evaluating and reporting changes are reviewed. An hour of phone consultation time with Pete is included, so you can discuss any questions you have after reviewing the Managing the Training Process workshop.

Included are:

Two audio recordings of each of 4 two hour workshops sessions (8 total recordings)
PowerPoint slide presentation
Workshop manual
24 page listing of exercises (breathing, focusing etc.) to be used in conjunction with brain training
(199 MB)

After your purchase you will receive an email with the download link. You will follow the link to download the files. You will want to have a high speed internet connection.

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