MVAP II Electrodes


1 inch square, 150 count. MVAP II adhesive pre-gelled cloth electrodes are used on skin with Snap-In leads.


MVAP II adhesive, pre-gelled electrodes

MVAP adhesive electrodes are for use on skin and are small, light and flexible with excellent adhesion. Compare electrode types below.

Electrode Comparison
Type Use Adhesion Description Durability
Kendall (Medi-Trace) 133 Use on skin Adhesive, pre-gelled; excellent Foam; gentler adhesion Single use
MVAP II Use on skin Adhesive, pre-gelled; strong Cloth; small, light, flexible Single use
MBS Neurotrodes Use on scalp, mastoid Pre-gelled but recommend Ten20 paste Blue plastic outer disc housing 8-12 uses
Silver Cup Electrodes Scalp, ear clips, mastoid Require conductive paste (Ten20) Small silver cup Last up to 2 years

Disposable electrodes are not refundable.
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