NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion and Trainer’s Q

NeXus-10 BioTrace+ users can collect assessment data for the Trainer’s Q, convert data for import and produce the Trainer’s Q and Whole-Brain Training Plan. Conversion tool includes script, screens, channel set and Excel conversion workbooks for 2 or 4 data collection. Trainer’s Q produces complete report and plan.

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NeXus-10 BioTrace+ Conversion tool and TQ7 Trainer’s Q

NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion tool

Gather data for the TQ assessment and convert data for importing into the Brain-Trainer TQ7 Trainer’s Q. Importing data from the NeXus-10/BioTrace+ to the TQ7 requires a conversion, which is offered here using a MS Excel workbook. Includes script, screens, channel set and conversion tool.

TQ7 Trainer’s Q

Whole Brain Training begins with a 20-site brain map, the Trainer’s Q (TQ7), using your own hardware and software. A detailed Client Report of history and symptoms can be completed online and automatically loads into the assessment. Processing is even faster and involves no additional cost. The TQ7 automatically loads the recorded data and a Client Report of history and symptoms completed online. It produces a 6-8 page report summarizing patterns found in the client’s brain and symptoms that might be expected. The assessment and training plan can be produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German. All this processing takes 5-10 minutes. Pages can be output as PDF files or printed to share with referral sources, family and client.

The assessment also automatically produces a customized Whole-Brain Training Plan (WBTP), which defines a circuit of 5 training sessions customized for the client’s brain. The trainer cycles through these sessions, working a different set of patterns in each–just as you would when training at the gym. The plan also produces a tracking page that allows the trainer and client to select and follow specific target change indicators. Pre and post Client Reports compare symptom patterns and show changes over the course of training. Most trainers begin reducing the frequency of training as they reach the 3rd or 4th circuit and track how well the changes are lasting.

The TQ7 license is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
TQ7 is a single user license. Available for use on one computer. All assessments/reports generated are portable to secondary computers.





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