NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion Tool


Now for 2 or 4 channels! Converts assessment files from NeXus-10/BioTrace+ for use with  Brain-Trainer’s TQ7 Trainer’s Q.

The TQ7 Trainer’s Q can be purchased here.



NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion Tool

Now NeXus-10 BioTrace+ users can use the TQ7 Trainer’s Q. Importing data from the NeXus-10/BioTrace+ to the TQ7 requires a conversion, which is offered here using a MS Excel workbook. This conversion package comes with channels, script and screens. Instruction manual is included.

Conversion tool comes in 2-channel and 4-channel versions.

RETURNS POLICY: Nexus-10 to TQ7 conversion tool is not returnable.

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    NeXus users require the NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion tool to convert data for importing.

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