Professional Certification Supervision Package (Payment plan)

From: $200.00 / month for 5 months

10- or 16-hour supervision culminating in Brain-Trainer certification. A team of 1 or 2 trainers can train together at the same price. Select 16-hour supervision if you will not be having hands-on training.

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For trainers wishing to become certified brain-trainers, we offer the supervision package for a 1 or 2-trainer team as a continuation of the initial Foundations of Brain-Training course included in most our starter packages. A trainer team can consist of business partner, friend, or family member who will learn together.

Having set up your system, done an assessment and training plan and provided some training sessions, the trainer is now ready to implement a self-training plan. Assessment of potential clients, production of training plans with greater degree of independence and implementation of the plan over 5 (or 6) months with guidance of a supervisor allows the trainer to deal with the issues of working with clients and demonstrate competence and success. Supervision is performed online, four 1-hour-long sessions in each of the first 2 months.

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