Signature Combo Package Pro with silver kit

From: $3,204.00

A complete starter package for professionals. Train EEG and Prefrontal HEG for Whole-Brain training. This package includes amplifier, software, sensors and feedback options plus Brain-Trainer U’s Foundations of Brain-Training course.

Your choice of  1) Optima or Q-wiz, 2) TC26 or Electro-Cap, 3) HEG headset type.

You must add these options below:



Optima+ 4 USB by Neurobit – optional

4 channel, multifunction amplifier which can record not only EEG, but other signals such as HEG, GSR, temperature, heart rate, and muscle tension.


Q-wiz by Pocket Neurobics – optional

Trains 4 channel EEG, HEG and more.

Out of stock


1-Cap Electro-Cap System – optional

Electro-Cap electrode application system, ideal for EEG assessments, with eardrops and all the supplies you'll need to be up and running immediately.

Single Cap System
No Cap

nIR HEG Headset

For nIR HEG training with the Optima+, Q-wiz, and X-wiz amplifiers.


Silver Electrodes Starter Kit

High quality stamped silver cup sensors with ear clips, Nuprep and conductive paste.


BioExplorer Software

This software program allows trainers to work with multiple hardware platforms, including all the equipment we sell. Integrate feedback from flash animations and games, MP3's, DVD's, audio CD's, digital videos and MIDI music files to keep clients interested in training—all built into the program at no additional cost.


Includes software dongle key

Required to run the software


Brain-Trainer Design Subscription

A centerpiece of Brain-Trainer’s Whole-Brain training concept. Protocol package covers training of alpha and SMR, symmetry/balance, coherence/synchrony, HEG executive center and traditional amplitude/frequency training. Integrated with TQ7 Assessment so training plans indicate specifically which designs to use.


LIFE Game for nIR HEG

LIFE meditation game, one of Brain-Trainer's HeadGames, is specifically designed for nIR HEG, using a Q-wiz or any HEG amplifier that works with BioExplorer software. It is built to allow the trainee to grow through layers in as little as 30 minutes 3 times a week. 


TQ7 Trainer's Q with Auto Plan

Develop your own Whole-Brain training plans and process your own assessments. full 20-site qEEG provides a high-definition view of the brain, with individualized summary report and Whole-Brain training plan with no additional costs in 30 minutes. Do-it-yourself qEEG that compares your brain, not against averages, but against peak brains and tells you how to change it. Requires Microsoft Excel 32 bit (even on 64 bit Windows).

TQ7 Trainer's Q

Kaleidoscope Videos by George Martin

Original continuous loop animation videos for brain training and biofeedback.


3D Landscape & Fractal Videos by George Martin

Original continuous loop animation videos for brain training and biofeedback.


BxShadow For BioExplorer

Use brightness and volume control for DVDs, streaming video and other screen applications by interfacing with BioExplorer. No need to use BioExplorer's DVD player!



Four hours of online training and mentoring within a period of 3 months.


Foundations of Brain-Training

Ten modules containing 60 lessons. Integrated with Practicum Workshop or Mentoring, combining practical and didactic material. Do HEG/LIFE sessions with yourself and others, find sites and connect caps and electrodes, recognize quality signals and record an assessment, read a Whole-Brain Training Plan, perform training sessions as client and trainer.




Combo Package for Professionals

With the Signature Combo Package for professionals you can complete recording in 25 minutes from when the client sits down in the chair, remove artifacts, and load assessment views in 3 more minutes and get a training plan that works the whole brain–customized to each client–in just two more.

Our Brain-Trainer Signature Combo Package lets you prepare the client, record the data, process it and have your training plan in 30 minutes—with the click of a few software buttons. The Signature Package uses one amplifier and one piece of software to do assessment. The professional system gathers your assessment, processes the data, gives you a report and tells you exactly where and what to train. Then it runs multi-modality training sessions with superb feedback. At every step it guides your choices, and at every step it gives you the option to make your own decisions.

Our software trains synchrony, symmetry, activation, open and closed focus and deep states with a range of feedback options and push-button ease in managing the training session, so you can focus on the client, not the computer. Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system.

The Signature Combo Package for professionals includes:

Optima+ 4 USB or Q-wiz
1-cap Electro-Cap package or TC26 Trainer’s Cap kit
nIR HEG headband
Silver Electrode Starter Kit
BioExplorer QuickStart Package
TQ7 Trainer’s Q
Kaleidoscope and 3D videos
BxShadow For BioExplorer
Brain-Trainer U: Foundations of Brain-Training course
4 Hours online mentoring

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. S & H will be added at checkout for the pay in full option.

See shipping rates and information.

Not for medical use

The TQ7 license is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
Single user license. Available for use on one computer. All assessments/reports generated are portable to secondary computers.

Computer specifications for BioExplorer

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