Signature EEG Package 4C (Pay in Full)


Four-channel EEG package, with or without TC26 Trainer’s Cap.

TC26 Trainer’s Cap with gel:

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Signature EEG Package 4C

This Package contains everything you need for 4-channel EEG data gathering and training. With the Signature EEG Package 4C you have amplifier, sensors, software, assessment tools and training support.

Click on any of the products included in this package to learn more. The Signature EEG Package 4C includes:

Q-wiz Amplifier
TC26 Trainer’s Cap (optional)
Snap-in Starter kit 4C (without cap)
Basic Skills Videos (without cap)
BioExplorer QuickStart
Kaleidoscope and 3D videos
BxShadow For BioExplorer
Skills Video I: Finding Sites
Skills Video II: Placing Electrodes (no-cap option only)
Whole-Brain Training Plan Service
4 hrs online consultation

After your purchase, download the current version of BioExplorer under the “BioExplorer full version downloads” section.”

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. S & H will be added at checkout for the pay in full option.

See shipping rates and information.

Not for medical use

The TQ7 license is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
TQ7 is a single user license. Available for use on one computer. All assessments/reports generated are portable to secondary computers.

Computer specifications for BioExplorer

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Weight 4.9 lbs

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