Signature EEG Package 4C Pro

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Complete 4-channel assessment and training system. Includes Assessment software (TQ7) and mentoring.


Signature EEG Package 4C Pro

This Package contains everything you need for 4-channel EEG data gathering and training. With the Signature EEG Package 4C you have amplifier, sensors, software, assessment tools and training support.

Click on any of the products included in this package to learn more. The Signature EEG Package 4C includes:

Q-wiz amplifier
TC26 Trainer’s Cap (optional)
Snap-in Starter kit 4C (with no-cap option)
BioExplorer QuickStart
TQ7 Trainer’s Q
Kaleidoscope and 3D videos
BxShadow For BioExplorer
4 hours online consultation

After your purchase, download the current version of BioExplorer under the “BioExplorer full version downloads” section.”

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. S & H will be added at checkout for the pay in full option.

See shipping rates and information.

Not for medical use

The TQ7 license is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
TQ7 is a single user license. Available for use on one computer. All assessments/reports generated are portable to secondary computers.

Computer specifications for BioExplorer


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Claudius Nagel, Germany

    An invaluable feature of the brain-trainer system is the seamless integration between the TLC7 assessment and the neurofeedback training. The TLC7 assessment outputs a training plan with recommended training protocols that are being based on the assessment analysis … and the brain-trainer design package includes all necessary training-designs in order to apply the recommended protocols and perform the training plan. I regard this to be one of the most important features of the brain-trainer system, because it reduces or even eliminates the guesswork in regard of what, where and how to train in order to help the clients’ brain to change towards better functioning. The complete handling and usability of both the TLC7 assessment as well as brain-trainer design-package is top-notch and easy to perform for even lay-trainers.

    As for the training efficiency, I do achieve the same good (if not even better) results with the brain-trainer system as with z-score training. My clients report (and I can verify this from training myself) that they experience the neurofeedback sessions with the brain-trainer system to be even more intense and efficient than the z-score neurofeedback sessions with NeuroGuide.

    Below the line I meanwhile find myself working much more with the Q-wiz and brain-trainer system than with my Discovery and NeuroGuide, although latter had been much more expensive, which would actually be a reason that they should receive more dedication. However – as the brain-trainer system provides the same good (if not even better) training results at just a fraction of my time and efforts that I need to put into 19-channel z-score training (I don’t need to tell that it takes much more time and effort to apply 19 electrodes instead of just 4), I meanwhile REALLY prefer working with the Q-wiz and the brain-trainer system, especially as it also provides the possibility of doing HEG-training for just a relative small additional investment into a nIR-headset.

    I do recommend the brain-trainer system to anyone who is looking for an efficient and reliable neurofeedback training system and who can’t or doesn’t want to afford the investment into a clinical grade NFB system. It provides the same good results and usability at just a fraction of the costs … and for those, who do afford the purchase of a 10.000 – 20.000 US$ (or even more) clinical grade system, it is definitely being worthwhile to also spend some additional bucks for the brain-trainer system (e.g. the Signature EEG Package 4C Pro or even the Signature Combo Package Pro) in order to being able of acquiring additional information and an alternative view on the clients’ brain as well as for having additional and alternative training options.

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