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$2,375.00 or $603.00 / month for 6 months

A complete starter package to train EEG in 4 channels for home or professional trainers. BioExplorer assessment and training software – no longer updated but still available. Designs (protocols) with sound and shadow feedback included.

TC26: Cap size

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Starter package for home or professional trainers

Our EEG Training Package with BioExplorer software lets you prepare the client and record the data in 25 minutes—with the click of a few software buttons. The EEG package uses one amplifier and one piece of software to do assessment and brain training. With the Whole-Brain Training Plan service you will send in your data and receive a customized Whole-Brain Training plan. Then you can run multi-modality training sessions with superb feedback.

Our software trains synchrony, symmetry, activation, open and closed focus and deep states with a range of feedback options and push-button ease in managing the training session, so you can focus on the client, not the computer. Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system.

The EEG Training Package includes:


For EEG training in 4 channels (with potential for HEG).


BioExplorer QuickStart Package– Training software + designs (protocols)


TC26 Trainer’s Cap kit– Saline electrode cap
Reusable silver cup electrodes (7)

Feedback software option

BxShadow For BioExplorer– Brightness feedback

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Not for medical use

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