TAG Sync Upgrade (Pay in full)


Beyond TAG Sync.  TAG Sync users who already have BioExplorer and amplifier can get just what they need to do assessments, create a Whole-Brain Training plan and train and track sessions.



TAG Sync Upgrade Package

Training the default-mode network to improve synchrony can be a very helpful approach…if your brain doesn’t already have relatively good synchrony. It is included in Whole-Brain training when the assessment indicates it would be beneficial, but the Brain-Trainer TAG synch is a more complete approach (4 channels instead of 2 and 3 frequencies instead of 2). However, many people’s pattern analysis–especially among relatively functional persons–simply don’t need it.

Our process starts with an online Client Summary. It asks you to rate the degree to which many different brain-related issues might be things you’d like to change. If you decide where you want to go BEFORE you start a journey, you have a much better chance of deciding whether you got there or not.

You record your own assessment at 20 sites with eyes closed, eyes open and at task, so we can produce a high-definition view of your brain’s activation patterns. It’s unlikely you are very skilled at finding sites on the brain, since TAG Sync uses only a few. You can gather the assessment with the Q-wiz, BioExplorer and your electrodes, but it is likely it will take you more than an hour–perhaps a lot more if site-finding is new and you are doing it on yourself.

The TC26 Trainer’ Cap allows you to find all the sites and set them all up and get very good stable signals at all of them, even if it’s your first time. It will allow you to record all 20 sites in about less than 20 minutes–and you’ll be able to use it for a more powerful Whole-Brain Training Plan without spending half your time moving electrodes around.

The production of the plan gives you the summary of patterns found in your brain and how they might relate to strengths and weaknesses you experience, a list of tracking options and a training plan that defines 5 sessions through which you cycle to help shift the entire set of brain habits that underlie the way you think, feel, act and perform.

The plan not only tells you exactly where to train but also which protocols from the Brain-Trainer design package to use for each exercise. These are designed with “the expertise built-in” so you can focus on training–not on technology. Any selections recommended in the plan can be made by clicking buttons in the designs and those which require targets for training set them automatically.

nIR HEG (the LIFE game) improves executive function and your ability to shift smoothly from closed to open focus in your daily experience. The headband plugs into Q-wiz and works in BioExplorer with the LIFE game.

TAG Sync Upgrade Package includes:

TC26 Trainer’s Cap
HEG nIR Headband
LIFE game for nIR HEG
Brain-Trainer Design Subscription
Whole-Brain Training Plan
2 hrs online consultation

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. S & H will be added at checkout for the pay in full option.

See shipping rates and information.

Not for medical use

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