TLC7a Assessment with Auto Artifacting


The TLC7a automatically removes artifacts from a set of recordings (either 2 or 4 channels) in a single pass and gives the trainer tools and information to change these decisions as desired when you are dealing with unusual recordings.

If you have purchased previous versions and wish to upgrade from manual to auto-artifacting, choose the specially priced upgrade package.

Infiniti users: Download the TLC7 for Infiniti




Your data is loaded directly into the brain-trainer TLC7a  from BioExplorer in one step, artifacted with the click of a button, and then displayed and analyzed with the full power of the TLC7a . After processing, the artifacting functionality is deleted from the copy of the client’s assessment, so that the Assessment can be sent to clients. The ability to see your results for up to 18 channels literally in a matter of seconds is a great benefit to busy trainers.

Your purchase includes the TLC7a with unlimited use, BioExplorer design for gathering the data in up to 4 channels, instruction manual, and reports giving you the ability to re-process previously recorded BioExplorer 2 or 4 channel assessment sessions into TLC7a.

After your purchase you will be made a member of the yahoo group TLC7a, from which you can download the TLC7a and any subsequent updates. Be on the lookout for an invitation email from us to which you must respond.


TLC7a Demo Video


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