TQ7 Trainer’s Q (Payment Plan)

$200.00 for 2 months and a $395.00 down payment

Assessment by trainers for trainers. A full 20-site qEEG provides a high-definition view of the brain, with individualized summary report and Whole-Brain training plan with no additional costs in 30 minutes. Do-it-yourself qEEG that compares your brain, not against averages, but against peak brains and tells you how to change it.  For BioExplorer and Infiniti Users

If you have purchased the TLC7a and wish to upgrade to auto-plan, choose the specially priced upgrade package.



TQ7 The Trainer’s Q

Gather a 20-site map of brain activity in less than 25 minutes with the TQ7.
Remove artifact and produce a customized whole-brain training plan in 5 minutes.
Fully automatic–with manual override if you choose.
No costs or delays
Integrated with your brain-trainer training designs

Use the same hardware and software you use to train.

The fastest, most practical, client-centered cost-effective system.

At brain-trainer we believe “Less is More”. Population-based QEEG’s are great for research, but they cost more, take longer and don’t focus on your practical questions. They can’t distinguish between useful and problematic variances, so they risk training down the client’s strengths. By skipping the database, the TQ7 leaves out the mountains of data and the focus on “average” to identify those tendencies related to training goals. You can gather, artifact and load the data from 20 sites in 25 minutes and produce a Whole-Brain training plan and Client Pattern Summary within 3-5 more! There’s less unnecessary data, less chance of negative response, less processing delay and fees. That means more focus on critical training issues, more immediately, and more cost-effectively in a complete, integrated assessment and training system that leaves $4,000-$8,000 MORE in your pocket!

Single user license. Available for use on one computer. All assessments/reports generated are portable to secondary computers.

Trainer's Q Brain Pattern Findings

TQ Trainer’s Q Brain Pattern Findings


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