TQ8 Trainer’s Q: Customized brain assessment

$3,000.00 / month

Assessment and training plan. Monthly subscription.



Tired of guessing at what and where to train? Recognizing the limits of comparing a single brain against a database? Brain-Trainer’s TQ8 allows you to test your assessment recordings (in 2 or 4 channels) for quality and remove artifacts automatically in seconds. You’ll send it for processing at any time from anywhere and receive a training plan customized for each client in minutes. TQ8 provides multiple views of brain activity (Histograms, Maps, Synchrony, Symmetry, Variability and Heads pages). More important, it provides a 3-page written report of brain patterns and related symptoms, a simple graphic summary for sharing with clients, a performance-based objective-setting and tracking page and a 5-session Whole-Brain training plan. This plan tells you exactly where to train and what protocols to use in each session. Rather than comparing brains against a database, TQ8 seeks dozens of identified patterns and relationships between frequencies and sites that have been identified as marker for various problems. It links these findings with the online Client Report which guides each client to ranking the most important goals for training in a wide range of potential symptoms.  Best of all, TQ8’s subscription plan allows trainers to have unlimited use.

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