X-wiz by Pocket Neurobics


Use with your HEG headband and software for HEG training. Rugged two channel nIR HEG (Toomim) and one channel pIR (Carmen) plus Pulse Oximetry and temperature work horse. nIR & pIR can be concurrent.



Small device operates on both direct USB and external batteries. Comes supplied with a long USB cable.

  • auto base-lining to reference value of 100
  • USB and/or wireless concurrent (for monitoring in multi-seat training rooms)
  • Test Mode to check nIR Headband OK
  • Fail-safe start-up option
  • Robust – button-less no movable parts.
  • very long & very lightweight USB cable frees the client

The button-less X-wiz is controlled by commands sent from supporting software – BioExplorer and BioEra support the X-wiz. See the user manual here.

We declare that this product (Wiz amplifiers from Pocket Neurobics) is intended for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not a medical device.

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