Pacote Adicional (Parcelas)

$196.00 / mês por 10 meses



Pacote inclui:

nIR HEG headband
BioExplorer Software

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  • BioPLAY Games

    BioPLAY Games by Itallis

    For BioExplorer/Brain-Trainer for BioEra, BrainMaster or Infiniti    Flash player games that can be integrated into any BioExplorer design with any modality, and are compatible with BioGraph Infiniti 5.0 and up and Brainmaster 2.5 SE and up.

    Or click to create your own custom pack – 5 for the price of 4

    These are flash games because that is what worked in BioExplorer, but as of January 2021 flash is no longer supported and Windows 10 will automatically uninstall it. You can try reinstalling Adobe flash with a setup file we can provide you. If you want to purchase this, you can, but be aware there is a chance it will not be functional.

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