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brain-trainer ResourcesBrain-Trainer Resources has downloadable files and links for neurofeedback brain training resources, information and discussion.

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7-Zip for 64 Bit


Whole-Brain Training Plan (1.3 MB)
Brain-trainer System – TQ7/Whole-Brain Training (285 KB)
Designs List_Brain-Trainer (2.51 MB)
TQ7 Complete Guide to gathering and processing Assessments (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guia Completo – Portugues (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guía Completa – Español (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guida Completa – Italiano (2.71 MB)
Trainer’s Q – Brain Pattern Findings (719 KB)
Sample Assesssment 1
Sample Assesssment 2
Starting with Brain Training – Steps for installing software, what to do, what to read
TQ7 Self-Assess files Task recordings and reading material for doing assessments on oneself (4.47 MB)
TQ7 Assessment, the Trainer’s Q, for BioExplorer – Download free version (4.26 MB)
TQ7 Assessment, the Trainer’s Q, for Infiniti – Download free version (1.2 MB)


Current version of BioExplorer
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 64 bit (665 KB)
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 32 bit (677 KB)
DivX codec pack (976 KB) (If DVD does not work in Windows 8)
GoToMeeting Codec (If DVD does not work in Windows 8)
Compatibility mode for Windows 7 Windows 8 users can use Compatibility mode for Windows 7 to play DVDs in BioExplorer


Tech Sheet by BFE – Specifications for ProComp Infiniti or ProComp 2 encoders with the TLC (TQ) Suite


Peanut Driver (1.3 MB)
Peanut Firmware Update- beta (1.3 MB)

Pocket Neurobics Devices

PN executable driver file (1.2 MB)
Brain-Trainer Wiz User Guide (1.94 MB)
Wiz by Pocket Neurobics – User Manual
Q-wiz Firmware Scroll down to “Latest Wiz Firmware Uploads/Q-wiz Firmware” and select most recent Q-wiz firmware file.

Feedback Options

BioPLAY Games Manual (1.9 MB)
BxShadow 30 day trial (1.3 MB)
BxShadow User Guide (1.01 MB)
NeuroPuzzles Manual
Arcade Games – Use with BxShadow
NeuroPuzzles Permissions for Windows 7
Somatic Vision Games- Pete’s discussion
Videos – Fractal animations 1
Videos – Fractal animations 2
Videos – Fractal animations 3
Videos – Pocket Neurobics Video Library
Wildlife Sounds Catalogue


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