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¡El aparato más comprensivo que hemos visto hasta la fecha! Asegúrese de ver nuestros paquetes de entrenamiento para comprar el Q-wiz en combinación con todo lo que necesita para comenzar: software, electrodos, Electro-Cap y auriculares HEG.

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El amplificador de Q-wiz puede con 1-4 canales de EEG, nIR o pIR HEG, potenciales corticales lentas, y varias otras modalidades periféricas.

Vincular o desvincular referencias con un botón- no mas puentes.  Incluye un indicador de calidad de señal.

El Q-wiz se puede usar con los electrodos estandar o con el Electro-Cap. Su evaluación de brain-trainer de Whole-Brain presenta lecturas de la gorra en secuencia de sets de 4 canales usados en TQ7 de Trainer’s Q.  Usted podrá completar la evaluación en menos de 30 minutos.  Q-wiz también puede ser usado para entrenar múltiples protocolos en secuencia.

Especificaciones y características de Q-wiz

3″x 4.5 x 1 (8cm x 12 x 2.5)
Estuche de agarre de hule
Resolución de 24 bit
Sps 32,128,256,512
Incluido cable USB 2 metros. Paquete de baterias inalámbricas pendiente.
Se puede usar 2 canales con tableta, 4 canales requiere PC.
Requiere BioExplorer o software BioEra.
Total de 4 canales de estas interfaces:
DIN: EEG, potencial cortical lento, ECG, EMG
pIR: pIR, HRV (oximetría de pulso), temperatura de la piel
nIR: nIR, dominio nasal
4 canales EEG del interface de Electro-Cap, se puede usar concurrentemente.
Enlace con empuje de botón/desconecta la referencia de electrodos. No puentes necesarios.
DC (<.2 HZ) filtrado con empuje de botón, o se queda para entrenar DC.
Programar pasea por las 5 combinaciones de evaluación TLC de 4 canales.
O programe su propia secuencia.
HEG línea de base automatícamente a 100.  Se puede usar el mismo diseño para pIR/nIR.
12 luces LED de indicación.
Buena LED indica buena o mala señal, EEG y nIR.

Ver tarifas de envío e información.

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3 valoraciones en Q-wiz de Pocket Neurobics

  1. Rex

    I have been using HEG LIFE with the familiar PN procrastinating what I feared would be a temperamental setup with Q-Wiz. Well, that was misplaced anxiety as the setup is a snap, plug & play, nothing to it.

    Moreover, Q-Wiz works great, and seems much more responsive and user-friendly on every level than the pendant. I have not used it enough to be certain, but it seems to get much steeper climbs than the pendant. The entire experience seems richer.

  2. RYan (propietario verificado)

    A few years ago I did neurofeedback training to some success, I had to cut the sessions short because I couldn’t afford it any more. I had one session that went awry and I went into a psychotic state for 24 hours.

    Fast forward, I just bought the q-wiz, and I am trying to understand everything but Brain-Trainer.com will not provide support unless you pay 375$ for “Supervision” or 100$ for a one hour consultation.

    This is dangerous to sell a product like this with no tangible instructions. They have you tube videos but they use a ton of terminology that you are expected to know which makes learning a bit more confusing.

    To me this is immoral, as they are disregarding safety for profit.

    • Rah


      We offer consultation and mentoring to help users new to brain-training, though you did not take advantage of it. Our email support to you has been free of charge. We are sorry you did not find it enough and we have accepted your return for a refund.

      We are pleased to note that most users have found our support to be generous and invaluable in helping them to make changes in their lives.

  3. Neil Schulenburg

    I think that Karen and Deborah are the best of the best. I served as Senior Vice President and CIO for a major heath care company before I went clinical. I’ve seen the challenges of bringing new software to a demanding user community. They are the very best at what they do. I would like to suggest that, when the time is right, employ a talented procedures analyst to make sure that when specialized industry specific terms are used in any of our text, they are presented along with in-line (clickable) explanations for those new to the field. A skilled analyst could map out a very good lesson manual that would outline which videos to watch and which library article to read in a sequence that makes the most sense to a new trainer. The information that we have is a God send. No one I know offers this level of information. As a new user, I did find it a bit overwhelming as I pulled together information from various places in the system. Overall we have the best support system and set of libraries in the business. Thank you to Karen, Deborah and Pete (Pete to a lesser extent) [just kidding!!!] You all are wonderful to work with and I’m proud to be a trainee under your guidance. I’m sure that there are more great people in the organization that I have not met yet. Certainly looking forward to it. Neil Schulenburg Ph.D., LPC

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