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A mentor can help you decide what package to buy and will work with you for four hours of online mentoring that come with complete packages. You are welcome to arrange additional training hours with your mentor if needed.

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Supports BioEra and BioExplorer software:

  • Cheryl Desvernine, Licensed Professional Counselor VA, USA View Bio
  • Erica Lyme, Masters of Education/Licensed Teacher OH, USA View Bio
  • Karen Duncan, MA Applied Healing Arts VA, USA Director of Trainer Development for Brain-Trainer International View Bio
  • Stacey Breitmann, BS TN, USA View Bio
  • Tamera Siminow, MA, Counseling Psychology VA, USA View Bio
  • Mark Darling, B Soc Sc (Hons) (Psych), MAAPi, MANSA, Registered Psychologist, Coordinator for Oceania View Bio
  • Claudius Nagel, Coordinator for European Union DEUTSCH/GERMAN language View Bio
  • Pilar Rojas, Coordinator for Latin America ESPAÑOL/SPANISH language View Bio
  • Aida Ivan, Coordinator for Romania ROMANIAN & ENGLISH language View Bio

Supports BioExplorer Software Only:

  • Lisa Pinkstaff, LPC, BCN San Antonio, TX, USA (Q-wiz only) View Bio

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