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Actualizaciones de diseño para la suscripción al diseño Brain-Trainer

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5 de marzo de 2019
Se cambió el nombre de FRE1C (Calming) (Liberación de Trauma) y se volvió a formatear con Silence Vision Gamer como una opción de retroalimentación.

28 de enero de 2019
FRE1C (Calming) – Etiquetas actualizadas; 3 tipos de comentarios (DVD, Video, Juegos)
FRE1C- Etiquetas actualizadas

19 de enero de 2018
FRE1C (Calming) – Se eliminaron los latidos binaurales

3 de enero de 2019
FIX: El diseño HEG nIR (no LIFE) reproducía el tono de manera silenciosa cuando se activaba el botón “Tone off”.
Las etiquetas de los botones de FRE2C cambiaron de Inh y Rew a IN y REW para que se correspondan con el plan de capacitación.
La recompensa FRE2C Beta SMR del canal 2 se establece en 2-6 para dejar el alfa del lado derecho desinhibido.
Osciloscopios etiquetados “Raw EEG” para consistencia
Se agregaron etiquetas a los instrumentos en algunos diseños para mayor claridad.

15 de julho de 2018
* REVISIÓN: CON4C Multiband Coherence se divide en dos modelos: aumentar y disminuir. Los blancos comienzan en automático y cambian a manual después de 60 segundos.

2 de julio de 2018
* REVISIÓN: BAL4C RH Bipolar tenía doble umbral en el canal 2 de recompensa.
* REVISIÓN: la visualización del gráfico de barras CON4C Gamma Sync se invirtió.
* FRE2C Beta SMR – Games: música MIDI añadida

Se eliminó BAL4C Alpha Beta en favor del entrenamiento de reversión de 2 canales

March 3, 2018
BAL4C RH Bipolar- Changed channel 2 reward threshold to dual to block eyeblink artifact.

February 6, 2018
Small change in instructions manual.

December 14, 2017
There are not changes in the design files, only the instruction manuals and file structure.
*With this update you will find designs, reports, sessions in the same place – Documents\BioExplorer.
*Instructional documents, drivers, etc. will be in the same place – Documents\Brain-Trainer\Help.
*Brain-Trainer tools like TQ7.5, graphing files, Subj Assess will be in Documents\Brain-Trainer. This is a change from before as they were in different places. Now they can all be found in a single location.
*In order that we may pre-load flash and audio files into designs for your convenience, flash and audio files will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Flash and C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Media. Most users will not notice this. They were previously in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer, not inside folders.

Documents\Brain-Trainer (with shortcut)
*** Subj_Assess (assessment tool)
*** Session graphing tool
*** Documents\Brain-Trainer\Help
++++++ User Guides
++++++ Drivers
++++++ READ ME files

*** Documents\BioExplorer\Designs
*** Documents\BioExplorer\Reports
*** Documents\BioExplorer\Sessions (with shortcut)
++++++ Client Folders

C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer
*** C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Flash
*** C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Media
++++++ Alpha/Theta music
++++++ BioExplorer sounds

December 9, 2017
FIX: FRE1C – DVD BxShadow: BxShadow feedback stopped when music button was turned off.

December 1, 2017
Change in README instructions only

October 4, 2017
NOTICE: BioExplorer version is now available for download:

Bug Fix: Instrument captions sometimes did not display.
Bug Fix: Issues regarding load time and memory usage with large designs.
Change: BioExplorer’s document folders (Designs, Sessions, etc.) now default to the user’s Documents folder in Windows.
Use the default installation.

The latest Brain-Trainer DesignsUpdate installer will place user folders in Documents (not C as before). We recommend you reinstall BioExplorer’s new version and run the Brain-Trainer installers.

August 9, 2017
FIX: CON2C Multiband Coherence MANUAL – Games – In3 flash was not responding properly input.
Changed Games designs to have BioPLAY games as default.
DMN4C Sync 3-Band – Changed trainee graph to display combined ratio of signal over baseline.

May 25, 2017
Reloaded click.wav files in all designs since media files have been moved to C:\BioExplorer\Media

March 18, 2017
DMN4C 3 band Sync – Adjusted trainee trend to show the 3 sync bands’ success

November 26, 2016
Display change only – BAL4C RH Bipolar resized the channel 3 threshold object.

November 21, 2016
BAL4C RH Bipolar – Removed reward from T3/T4 site

July 29, 2016 v. 1.1.31
BAL4C RH Bipolar – Removed Activation option
DFN4C 3 band Sync – Changed name only

July 20, 2016
BAL4C RH Bipolar – Button permits selection of deactivation or activation training. Added 3:00 timer for alternating eyes closed/eyes open training. Pressing button starts timer and ding will sound after 3:00.
DFN4C 3 band Sync – Changed feedback to reward each band’s being in range rather than each region’s being in range.
FRE4C Windowed Squash – Added separate threshold for video feedback with higher reward rate.

June 15, 2016
BAL4C RH Bipolar – Added Video button for pausing video if desired for eyes closed training

June 9, 2016
SMR%1C: Added a button for choice to start SMR band at 12-15 or 9-12. Band adjustment is done the same as previous video instruction after selecting the starting band.
DFN4C TAG – Default Mode Network design added
BAL4C RH Bipolar – Right Hemisphere design added. Combines bipolar right-sided training for several sites all in one design

May 23, 2016
BAL2C Dual Bipolar: Added button option for 12-16Hz or 9-13 Hz SMR for ease of trying slower or faster SMR frequency.
FIX: All on Click feedback was not responding to BAL4C DIFF pass/fail

April 23, 2016
Removed SMR frequency band buttons
Included instructions in manual on optimizing SMR frequency band

Changed from band ratio to summed bandpass filters for All EEG for SMR% calculation
CON2C SMR Coherence:
FIX: All on Click feedback was not responding to coherence pass/fail

January 10, 2016
TLC Assess Pro Gather- EMG range stops at 58Hz, excluding 60Hz hum from EMG artifact graph
Pink noise (beta) removed from CON2C Sync One-Band

January 6, 2016
All designs for BxShadow now use Automatic expected data range setting to simplify instructions
Gamma Up designs have 23-38Hz inhibits
(beta) Pink noise option implemented in CON2C Sync One-Band

September 29, 2015
FIX: FRE4C Squish-Squash DVD BxShadow- corrected input for 9-13 amplitude

September, 16, 2015
Music: Minor scales changed to major

August 14, 2015
BxShadow Designs- Put “Auto” or “Manual” indication on each design in top graph.

April 23, 2015
FIX: CON2C Multiband Coherence – Games – Added 2-4 Hz coherence and removed 14-16 Hz for low group.
CON2C and CON4C Multiband Coherence:

•Added a set of designs that use only manual thresholds. This removes auto-thresholds so reward tones will only play when above or below the fixed threshold. This is an alternative to the usual Multiband Coherence designs.
•Decreased volume on Score object.
•Changed trend display to 5 second averaging and 10:00 time span so it is easier to see coherence trends.

March 27, 2015
FRE4C Squish-Squash – Added 9-13 Hz squish option

February 27, 2015
CON4C Gamma Sync – Added Music and Video buttons to turn off if desired.

February 21, 2015
BAL2C Dual Bipolar – Added Video button. Press button to turn off video when using other feedback such as DVD.

January 11, 2015
SMR%1C – added button options for SMR frequency range

December 16, 2014
FIX: Filters had been reverted to older version. All rechecked and updated. Users should update to this.
Implemented binaural beats in FRE2C designs

December 5, 2014
FIX: SMR%1C filter correction

November 19, 2014
Added SIGNAL QUALITY – Impedance-Offset

November 6, 2014
FIX: FRE2C filter correction

November 3, 2014
Added FRE2C Summed designs
Updated pIR HEG designs

August 7, 2014
Added MIDI sounds to DVD BxShadow designs
Refined BxShadow feedback for several designs
FRE4C Windowed Squash- Trends display both slow and fast inhibits
Renamed FRE1C buttons for clarity

July 31, 2014
Corrected design instructions for HEG DVD BxShadow designs

July 30, 2014
Added BxShadow to HEG DVD designs

July 28, 2014
Added BAL2C Difference and BAL4C Difference designs

July 27, 2014
Corrected server input on a Somatic Vision design

July 26, 2014
Refined Somatic Vision design inputs.

July 25, 2014
Updated some HeadGames designs to also work with Somatic Vision Games.
Added a 4 channel inhibit + Reward design for Games and Somatic Vision.

July 22, 2014
UPDATE: Updated DVD designs to also work with BxShadow.

July 8, 2014
FIX: Files would not extract
FRE designs- Improved audio so that one MIDI provides continuous feedback and one provides contingent. Changed the timing.
CON Multiband Coherence designs- Re-labeled buttons so it is more clear how they are to be used. (High, Low, Up, Down, Rocking)

May 30, 2014
FIX: FRE Games- BioPLAY games were stopping before session was finished.

May 17, 2014
FIX: CON designs- Optimized threshold averaging for coherence.

March 24, 2014
FIX: HEG Peanut designs- Updated calibration

March 18, 2014
FIX: BioPLAY designs
FIX: HEG designs- Gain calculation

March 13, 2014 design updates
FIX: Removed threshold averaging on several designs for faster response.
FIX: ALP1C Alpha Up- Changed one threshold output to audio feedback
BAL2C Alpha Beta- Added manual thresholds.
FIX: CON4C Multiband Coherence- Reset one threshold target.
CON4C Gamma Sync- Changed labels from sites to channels.

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