Brain-Trainer Software (para BioEra)

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Dongle not included.  Brain-Trainer software built on BioEra for those who already have BioEra Pro. Beta version. All-in-one assessment and training software with built-in MIDI and video feedback. Designs (protocols) included tell the software how to perform specific types of training and allow the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used.

If you already have a BioEra dongle, please contact BioEra to upgrade to the latest version.

Choose additional modules below for more training and feedback options:

  • Shadow plug-in (Sombra)

    Allows use of streaming video or use of the computer itself to be used as the feedback.

  • HEG/LIFE 2.0 plug-in (espanol)

    Trains for improved attention, stress reduction and meditation/prayer states.

  • Games plug-in (Juegos)

    Games requiring the brain to meet certain targets to play-using keyboard/mouse or just the brain.

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Software, designs and feedback integrated

Brain-Trainer for BioEra includes dozens of protocols for training amplitudes, connectivity, symmetry and deep states, covering nearly any type of training that may be involved in a training plan. Designs generally include automatically-set thresholds (which the trainer can adjust on-the-fly during a session. Most include graphs to show performance over the course of the session. Feedback type can be selected within a single design– including video files, and brain-trainer’s famous sound-based feedback, part of our approach to training for more than a decade, which allows the brain to create and play its own music which serves as the feedback to guide it. Additional feedback modules are available for additional purchase.

Protocols include TQ Assessment and EEG training in 1, 2 or 4 channels. Many designs come with two screens, one for the trainer and one for the client, which can be used separately on two monitors from the same computer. HEG/LIFE 2.0 plug-in available for additional purchase.

RETURN POLICY: This software is not returnable.

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