How to change threshold properties

Changes should be made only by advanced users.

After a 30 second baseline period, many thresholds will change to manual and the target for training will be fixed. The button name will become active (dark) and read “Manual.” It can be pressed to change to an automatically adjusting target.

Other properties can be access through threshold properties. Right-click on the threshold itself and select “Properties.” Type the settings you would like and click “Apply”. Then click “OK.”

Click “All options” to show more settings. Resize the window if necessary to show the options below and the buttons.

Settings with an asterisk (*) indicate their changes will only be applied after a design refresh (green square at top left) or a design stop and restart (blue button) if playing.

Limit changes to standard settings:

  • Percentage success – Success rate must be set before starting the design. It usually requires a manual refresh in the design after you set the value.
  • Epoch
  • Display range
  • Bar colors
  • Caption
  • Increase or Decrease (reward or inhibit)
  • Baseline time
  • State after baseline (manual or auto)
  • Smoothing

Please do not change any property that is below “Smoothing.” These are system properties and changing them may harm the way the threshold bar works. and can have detrimental effects to training.

Video demonstration of threshold settings

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