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brain-trainer ResourcesBrain-Trainer Resource Links has downloadable files and links for neurofeedback brain training resources, information and discussion.

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Whole-Brain Training Plan (1.3 MB)
BxShadow Use and Features
Brain-Trainer System – TQ7/Whole-Brain Training (285 KB)
Designs List_Brain-Trainer (2.51 MB)
TQ7 Complete Guide Gathering and processing Assessments (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guia Completo – Portugues (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guía Completa – Español (2.71 MB)
TQ7 Guida Completa – Italiano (2.71 MB)
Trainer’s Q – Brain Pattern Findings (719 KB)
Sample Assesssment 1
Sample Assesssment 2
Starting with Brain Training – Steps for installing software


Computer Specifications For BioExplorer
Answers– Neurofeedback discussion archives
Support Center– Setup tutorials, how to do first sessions, technical support, system information
Troubleshooting Software and hardware issues
Update information: Designs
Update information: LIFE Game
Update information: TQ7 Trainer’s Q
Z-scores Vs. Trainer’s Q


Current version of BioExplorer
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 64 bit (665 KB)
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 32 bit (677 KB)
DivX codec pack (976 KB) (If DVD does not work in Windows 8)
GoToMeeting Codec (If DVD does not work in Windows 8)
Compatibility mode for Windows 7 Windows 10 users can use Compatibility mode for Windows 7 to play DVDs in BioExplorer
MIDI synthesizer option Some users have no MIDI sounds and find Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is missing.


Tech Sheet by BFE – Specifications for ProComp Infiniti or ProComp 2 encoders with the TLC (TQ) Suite
TLC (TQ) Suite for Infiniti


Peanut Driver (1.3 MB)
Peanut Firmware Update- beta (1.3 MB)

Pocket Neurobics Devices

PN executable driver file (1.2 MB)
PN driver installation directions for stubborn drivers
Brain-Trainer Wiz User Guide (1.94 MB)
Wiz by Pocket Neurobics – User Manual
Q-wiz 4 channel test video
Q-wiz Firmware Scroll down to “Latest Wiz Firmware Uploads/Q-wiz Firmware” and select most recent Q-wiz firmware file.
Q-wiz Firmware update video
Add impedance and/or offset monitoring to designs




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