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Brain-Trainer’s integrated, supported, client-centered neurofeedback system maps the brain, guides your training decisions and helps you implement them in minutes instead of days for less than half the cost.

The QEEG gives you a clear view of your client’s brain to guide your training. The TQ7 “Trainer’s Q” focuses specifically on what patterns to train based on the client’s goals. Using the same hardware and software you’ll use for training, you gather and process the data from 20 standard QEEG sites on the head in 30 minutes. There are no processing fees, no delays. You have your report and Whole-Brain training circuit ready to implement in the very first session.
Trainer's QEEG
Each 30-60 minute session trains 2-4 exercises/sites related to a specific problem area. Train 2-5 times a week, a different pattern or system in each session. After you’ve completed the circuit of 5 sessions, start again. Because you train something different in each session, you change the whole system at once. Because you are training everything, it’s common for clients to notice results in the first circuit. After 1-2 cycles through the plan, start spacing out sessions to build and measure the brain’s ability to sustain the changes on its own.
Whole-Brain training circuit
Most QEEG systems require you to buy special hardware and software. Since they are basically research tools, they require you to pay and wait for a comparison of the client against a general population average. Even then there is no specific focus on what or where to train. Some such systems solve this problem by training “z-scores”—essentially training all brain measures toward the average from a population database. Some of these research Q’s also sell additional software to produce LORETA images of the brain. Since EEG is almost entirely measured from neurons on the surface of the cortex, these images are simply projections based on surface data. And all training of EEG, whether whole-brain, z-score or LORETA, is training the same thing—the activity read from surface neurons. The TQ7 and the Brain-Trainer system gather the same data from the same sites, but they are not designed for research. They identify brain patterns that are most likely to be related to specific training issues and combine them into a comprehensive circuit of exercises.
Brain-trainer vs. other systems
The two major brain-training systems we recommend are HEG and EEG. HEG is quick and easy to use and is helpful for problems of attention, impulse control, organization, motivation, emotional stability and brightness, etc. It’s a good option for training almost immediately, without an assessment and in only 15-20 minutes every other day. EEG training is more complex to learn and do. There are some basic skills to learn, but with support a lay trainer can gather the data for their QEEG and train a whole-brain plan. For physical issues like sleep or pain, for emotional issues, trauma, meditative states, etc. EEG is an important part of training. Both together are ideal. Most professionals will use the whole package. Many home trainers—especially those working on primarily cognitive issues of mental performance in younger brains, may find HEG is all they need. It is possible to buy an HEG system initially, choosing an amplifier with the ability to do EEG also, and then add EEG if and when desired without a major additional cost.
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Anything that has the power to help you change your brain in positive ways can also have negative results. You can hurt yourself swimming or jogging or working out at the gym. The brain-trainer approach is to look at the brain in detail—see what activation patterns are in place and identify those most likely to block the desired changes. The Whole-Brain training plan works all of these in a circuit, so no one site or system is over-trained and the whole system changes. Certainly a person may experience a release of emotions during or after a session—tears or anger—as a part of letting go of old patterns, but these responses generally last 8-12 hours or less. And the client always has the right to stop an exercise if it doesn’t feel good. Returning to the same training 5 sessions later in the next circuit, that same exercise can turn out to be one of the most useful. The Brain-Trainer approach doesn’t “push” the brain, and it focuses on flexibility and stability, so it is very unlikely to result in discomfort or even a temporary negative response.
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Your Signature package will include everything you need in an integrated system to do the training you wish to pursue. You don’t have to decide among the options and figure out what goes together. It’s all done for you. The package also includes our online support to install the system on your computer. Packages often include training videos to help you develop basic skills by downloading and watching them at home on your own computer. Many packages also include mentoring, so you have one of our trainers available when there are doubts or concerns—even just questions and suggestions. Our “Answers” area is a remarkable resource to help you learn more about brain training on your own time. Our brain-trainer IO group brings more than 2000 colleagues into your email box to answer questions, help with technical issues or let you read the answers to their questions. EEG packages include processing of your TQ and presentation of a Whole-Brain Training Circuit to guide you every step of the way.
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What makes brain-trainer unique is very simple: We’re trainers ourselves. We’ve been training brains and brain trainers for more than 20 years, dealing with the real-world challenges every trainer faces. We know what trainers need, and we build our service and our products around that. Our TQ is a QEEG for trainers. It produces a custom plan for each client—without delays, without fees. We don’t train to an average. Whole-Brain training works the major identified brain patterns and sites in a 5-session circuit. We are always looking for better hardware and software that is high-quality, cost-effective and powerful from providers the world over. We sell the systems we ourselves use, so you can count on getting what you need to work with any type of client. And you can count on our support. The tools and support we provide are practical, cost-effective, client-centered, and they focus on giving you sophisticated systems in a form you can easily use. Join the thousands of trainers around the world who have discovered what it means to have a colleague in your corner. We look forward to working with you.
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