The Brain-Trainer Whole-Brain Training Plan

The Neurofeedback Training Problem:

Regardless of how the EEG assessment is done, most brains show multiple areas of potential neurofeedback training in a linked system of patterns. Z-score training attempts to train all identified sites/measures to the population average. Other systems identify one or a few protocols and sites to change the whole pattern.

What is a Whole-Brain Training Circuit?

TQ7’s training plan defines 4-5 training sessions, each focusing on a specific area or training issue. You train one block in each session, cycling through all of them before starting again.

This approach recognizes that brain habits are stabilized by interlocking relationships of activation patterns. It is possible to change them by working a single site or pattern, but our trainers report that working all the related findings in an organized way—like circuit training in a gym—shows fast, stable responses with minimal negative reactions.

What do we mean by Whole-Brain?

The Whole-Brain Training Plan covers multiple systems: the prefrontal executive center, symmetry and connectivity relationships among the brain’s 4 quadrants, the sensory-motor cortex, the anterior cingulate, the default-mode network and the salience network. Patterns of frequency/amplitude and efficiency of linkage help identify key issues to become part of the training plan. It also responds to amplitude spikes which may be related to head injuries and generalized levels of activation. In many plans each circuit of 4-5 sessions also includes deep-states peak performance training as well.

How does the plan work?

Each block includes 3-4 segments to be completed in a one-hour session. Each segment defines exactly where to place the electrodes. It identifies a brain-trainer training design to be used, including which frequencies to train if necessary. And it specifies eyes closed or eyes open training and training period.

Whole-Brain Training Plan
Open the defined protocol and click to select the frequencies, and you’re ready to go. You have options for feedback in most protocols, and most help you determine the training targets automatically—letting you track them and change them with a click of your mouse as desired. It’s just that simple!

Video – Understanding Your Whole-Brain Training Plan

See videos below on how to use and understand the training plan.

Ordering your Whole-Brain Training Plan

Whole-Brain Training Plan Service
If you plan to do fewer than 5 training plans

TQ7 Trainer’s Q with AutoPlan.
If you will be working with multiple clients, the Trainer’s Q is faster and more cost-effective.

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