How to become a trainer

Who can do Neurofeedback?

Brain-training is a non-invasive system for showing the brain what it is doing, so it can change its own habits. It is a tool that can be used by anyone.

Clinicians around the world use brain-trainer’s powerful system as a part of their work with clients. Parents, educators, coaches and individuals also get results outside the clinical model. Brain-trainer offers the same practical, affordable integrated systems and support to ANY person wishing to train brains responsibly.

What makes the best trainers?

Good trainers are good coaches. They motivate and support, providing an honest, non-threatening mirror to each client. They don’t judge or categorize.

They assure sessions are consistently scheduled frequently (at least 2X/week).

They are comfortable with using a computer, so they can focus on the trainee instead of the hardware or software.

Why do some companies sell only to doctors?

Psychologists or physicians are qualified to diagnose and treat “disorders”. If you want labels or medication, you must go to these clinicians.

If you don’t believe that wanting to change yourself means you are “abnormal”, brain training can change patterns of thought, mood, behavior and performance in lasting ways without diagnoses or drugs.

Some companies justify their high prices by requiring buyers to have specific degrees and licensing or a prescription. However, neither regulatory agencies nor licensing bodies require any of that. Most health insurance doesn’t pay for brain-training (unless it is mis-billed as something else), no matter who does it.

What about certification?

Although there is no “certification” in neurofeedback recognized outside the field, some may choose to complete advanced experience under supervision and become certified. Self-appointed “certification bodies” like BCIA are not required. Brain-trainer certification shows that a trainer has demonstrated ability to get results with the Whole-Brain training system.

How do trainers get started?

Brain-training is a skill. The best and fastest way to learn is by doing.

The more websites, books and courses you sample before starting, the more confused you will become. Not only will you have difficulty understanding something you have never experienced, you’ll have no way of evaluating the usefulness of what you are being told.

Our mentors guide new trainers through recording an assessment and running sessions. Our hardware and software simplify getting started and getting results. Starter package combines what you need with 4 hours of online support.

As in any training program, working with a partner simplifies the process for both of you and makes you both more likely to stay motivated. Brain-trainer’s mentoring or supervision packages cost no more for two than they do for one.

Why should trainers begin with their own brains?

The only person who can change your brain is you. Would you hire a personal trainer who had never done an exercise program? Training not only makes your brain stronger—it makes you a better trainer.

Training yourself first gives the message that brain-training is a program any of us can use to develop ourselves—not just to fix people with problems.

What are the first steps?

Find a partner or colleague interested in training with you.

Decide what computer(s) you will use for brain-training.

Choose the package that best meets your needs and make your order online.

Watch for your emails with links and download your software products onto your selected computer(s).

Schedule your first mentoring session, verify your installation and begin work.

Does brain-trainer offer additional development options?

Start by training your own brain and those of your selected clients. Learn WHAT to do and HOW to do it first, so you have practical experience helping brains change. When you are confident, you may decide you want to learn more about the WHY.

The 16 hour supervision package and/or our practicum workshops may be useful as a first step—especially if you plan to work with multiple clients.

Brain-trainer’s recorded workshops can also help you to understand how we look at the brain’s patterns and why. When you have worked with several brains, these will make more sense.

Our YouTube channels can provide specific, detailed demonstrations of how to perform various skills, expanding your toolbox.

Special notes for Lay Trainers

Brain-trainer gives non-professionals an option of working with a professional trainer or training at home. For some, the issue may be clear-cut if no professionals are operating within a reasonable distance or if the cost of working with multiple family members is prohibitive. For others working with a pro may be the only viable option. Home-based training requires a level of organization and commitment and that the trainer and the “client” not be “at war” with one another. If you can’t meet these requirements, trying to train at home is likely to be a frustrating waste of money. Consider both options carefully before making a decision. Interview trainers in your area that may be of interest. Get an idea of their costs.

Selecting a professional trainer

Look for trainers using the brain-trainer system. Ask on the braintrainer list for suggested trainers in your area.

A desirable pro has worked with multiple clients and a variety of problems. He has a system for choosing what and where to train. Pros often also provide supportive skills in education, counseling, coaching or other fields. They can bring an outside point-of-view, often seeing and reflecting problems or changes we miss. A pro requires commitment—paying, scheduling, attending regular training sessions, being accountable. If motivation, commitment or organization are problems, professional training may be the best option.

Training at home

Brain-trainer’s equipment and software packages have made home-training a viable option for many—even those who are not technologically oriented. Home trainers get the same mentoring support as new professionals and the same packages except for specialty products pros will use. The quality of brain training can be equal to that of a professional in many cases.

Families dealing with autistic spectrum, reactive attachment disorder and more common issues of trauma, emotional, learning and cognitive issues can get pro-quality training plans and implement them within a week or so of receiving their package. Online support assures that everything has been properly installed and is working correctly.

Yes, it is possible that training may take a bit longer than it would with an experienced trainer, but the convenience makes up for this in many cases. When you finish your Whole-Brain training plan, you may decide to continue training for specific effects (creativity, physical control, etc.)

Special notes for Pro Trainers

Our training philosophy is that the best way to learn is by doing. You will learn in your initial support package to gather an assessment using your own equipment and computer.  If you have purchased the TQ7, you’ll practice loading the data, removing artifact, producing your Client Summary and Tracking pages and preparing your first Whole-Brain Training Plan.  Then you’ll learn to do an HEG session, read your training plan and implement it with initial sessions with your partner and yourself.  In short, you’ll do every step involved in training any client who comes to see you.

Practicing with yourself and/or a colleague who trains with you, within several sessions you’ll build confidence in what you are doing and be ready to start training HEG with clients, select those who may be candidates for EEG training, prepare their assessments and training plan and start working with them.

Many professional trainers choose the brain-trainer certification package, which provides 16 hours of supervision over 6 months. This option assures that you have support and direction as you work with multiple early clients and train them all the way through to completion.  It also makes you eligible to become a Certified Brain-Trainer and appear on our trainer’s map.

After you have seen results in your own life and the lives of clients, you may decide you wish to learn more about the theoretical basis for Whole-Brain training. Brain-trainer’s website offers multiple video workshops dealing with broad topics of assessment and specific training questions.

Brain-trainer is famous for its responsive and accessible tech support when you have problems with hardware or software.  Our website’s FAQ pages provide an amazing free searchable database of answers from more theoretical to very practical questions.  And participating in our free braintrainer Yahoo group gives you access to the questions and answers of thousands of others who are using the system.

If you have additional questions, schedule a consult today, free of charge.

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