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Brain-Trainer Approach “By Trainers For Trainers” is clear in the simplicity of fitting these highly sophisticated designs into the Brain-Trainer underwriting for training brain states. The trainer can select one or multiple frequencies to be trained and can be increased or decreased with a simple click of a button. Target setting is done automatically (with the possibility of adjustment by the trainer) at the beginning of each session. “Rocking,” the innovative Brain-Trainer approach allowing the trainer to toggle between raise and lower to break “stuck” brain patterns, can be done by clicking a single button.

Most designs include multiple versions that provide feedback using music, video, DVD, or games (including optional game packs) with the feedback type as part of the name (e.g. FRE1C – Games)  The use of music created by the brain itself as its own feedback has been a central piece of Brain-Trainer designs for brain training since the 1990s.

Brain-Trainer’s commitment to trainers is clear in the incredible manual that comes with the package, explaining in clear words and pictures how the designs can be used and providing detailed information about each protocol in the package. Just click on the name of the protocol you want in the table of contents of the pdf file, and you are there! See a detailed description of the protocol.

Best of all, trainers do not have to keep buying upgrades as designs change. After purchasing, you will have access to online storage from which all current designs and all future upgrades can be downloaded when and how often you need them. Even the two major upgrades made in the last two years were available for free to anyone who bought the package as early as 2002!

FractalsSome of the designs use video files as feedback. The user can upload their own video files in the protocol. You can also purchase beautiful kaleidoscope and 3D landscape videos by George Martin or you may be interested in free downloads of fractal animations.

If you are a BioExplorer user, regardless of what amplifier you use and your level of experience, the designs are a great way to start using the program at a professional level.

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