What is Neurofeedback?

Can You Change It?

Syndromes and disorders aren’t the only way to think of what you want to change.

What if the automatic ways you think, feel, behave and perform are just habits?

And what if those habits in your life are linked to habits of energy in your brain?

Changing from the Inside Out

How could you change that “most complex system in the universe” in your head?

We make stable changes in how our bodies work using aerobics, Yoga or weights.

Brain is part of the body.

Exercise changes brain habits

Train your Brain Like your Body

Do the right exercise, do it the right way, do it over time.

Train toward the “best”, not the average.

Follow a Training Plan to a better, more effective you.

A better brain–no matter what you want to do with it.

The Feedback Mirror


Neuro=brain; Feedback=mirror

Learning to ride the bike from feedback.

Train the brain, not the mind.

Make stable changes in your automatic responses.

Whole-Brain Training

Change the foundation instead of chasing symptoms.

Like gym exercise circuit, work all systems in sequence.

Improve capacity, flexibility and power in one plan.

Better Brain—Better You.

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