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Designs for BioExplorer

The Brain-Trainer Design Subscription for BioExplorer is a centerpiece of brain-trainer’s Whole-Brain training concept. Protocol packages cover training of alpha and SMR, symmetry/balance, coherence/synchrony, HEG executive center and traditional amplitude/frequency interventions. Integrated with TQ7 Assessment so training plans indicate specifically which designs to use.


Brain-Trainer Design Subscription

Brain-Trainer’s “by trainers for trainers” approach is clear in the simplicity of adjusting these highly sophisticated designs in the Brain-Trainer Design Subscription for brain state training. The trainer can select one or multiple frequencies to be trained and whether to increase or decrease with a simple click of an onscreen button. Target setting is done automatically (with the option of adjustment by the trainer) at the beginning of each session. Even Brain-Trainer’s innovative “rocking” approach to training, allowing the trainer to switch between increasing and decreasing to break up “stuck” brain patterns, can be done by clicking a single button.

Most designs include versions that provide feedback using music, video, DVDs or games (including optional game packages). Brain-Trainer’s use of music created by the brain itself as its own feedback has been a centerpiece of our protocols for brain state training since the late 1990’s.

Brain-Trainer’s commitment to trainers is clear in the amazing manual that comes with the package, explaining in clear words and images how the designs can be used and providing detailed information on each design in the package. Simply click the name of the design you want in the table of contents of the pdf file, and you’re there! See a detailed description of the design set.

Best of all, trainers need not keep buying “upgrades” as the designs are changed. Upon purchase, you will be made a member of a ShareFile group from which all current designs and all future updates can be downloaded whenever and as often as you need. Even the two major upgrades done in the last two years have been available free to anyone who purchased the package as far back as 2002!.

Some of the designs use video files as feedback. You can load your own video files into the design. You might also be interested in free downloads of fractal animations.

You can purchase the designs alone here or purchase them together with BioExplorer in the specially priced QuickStart Package.

If you are a BioExplorer user, regardless of what amplifier you use and your level of experience, the designs are a great way to start using the program at a “pro” level.

RETURN POLICY: Since designs are software, returns are not accepted.

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1 review for Brain-Trainer Designs Subscription

  1. Bryan

    Tried the A/T with the chants. WOW . What a trip. Make sure you have instructions to add those sounds. Maybe you did and I missed it. I felt like the music just took me to a good place and I didn’t need to use the visualizations. My attention just wanted to listen to the sounds so I just let it. Really great stuff.

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