Electro-Cap Warranty


Electro-Cap International Inc.’s limited warranty provides for repair or replacement of any item that, due to defects in materials or workmanship, fails to function properly within ninety (90) days from receipt.


Following the warranty period, there will be a nominal charge for repair of Electro-Caps and Electrode Board Adapters. Broken wires at the mount, inside the cap or at the connector plugs, connectors and electrode mounts are considered repairable. If malfunctions are experienced, the cap or Electrode Board Adapter can be returned to Electro-Cap International, Inc. for evaluation and repair. Normally the items will be repaired and shipped within 48 hours from receipt.

If needed, caps and Electrode Board Adapters are available for loan during the time required to make the repair. To arrange cap loaners and repairs call 1-800-527-2193.