For Lay Trainers: What Are the Options

Lay-trainers What options

The two major brain-training systems we recommend are HEG and EEG. HEG is quick and easy to use and is helpful for problems of attention, impulse control, organization, motivation, emotional stability and brightness, etc. It’s a good option for training almost immediately, without an assessment and in only 15-20 minutes every other day.

EEG training is more complex to learn and do. There are some basic skills to learn, but with support a lay trainer can gather the data for their QEEG and train a whole-brain plan. For physical issues like sleep or pain, for emotional issues, trauma, meditative states, etc. EEG is an important part of training. Both together are ideal.

Most professionals will use the whole package. Many home trainers—especially those working on primarily cognitive issues of mental performance in younger brains, may find HEG is all they need. It is possible to buy an HEG system initially, choosing an amplifier with the ability to do EEG also, and then add EEG if and when desired without a major additional cost.

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