State Changer HEG: The Game Your Brain Plays


The State Changer headset lets you shift automatically among 3 spots on your forehead. Plug it in to your USB port, turn it on and test yourself against Asteroid, Plane, Puzzle (use your own images) or 3 other games. Don’t think, don’t try, don’t judge. Just concentrate and score. Keep your mind still and score. Play 2-3 full games in 20 minutes. 4 players can track their scoring on the same software–anyone can play as a Guest. You don’t have to be sick to want to get better!

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child playing life with state changer

State Changer Sale


Brain-Trainer’s HEG State Changer—the Game Your Brain Plays—has launched. We are offering this initial batch of 500 units for sale now on a first-come, first-served basis.



woman playing life with state changer




The State Changer’s durable hard-plastic headband has Left, Right and Center training sites automatically selected by the software. Plug it into a USB port, turn it on and begin playing State Changer’s high-quality graphic games. No worry about battery life. Just plug and play.

Of course State Changer enables Brain-Trainer’s unique training of both concentration and awareness, building peak-brain ability to shift back and forth between them.




man playing asteroids with state changer




Those who are among the first owners will not only get the headset. They’ll have free access to ALL 6 of State Changer’s games, including Puzzle. Load your own images to be the subject of the puzzles, then put them together with your brain.






state changer brain games home screen



$350 plus shipping

Sales are not available for Brazil.








Inception of State Changer

original LIFE
Early LIFE 2014

More than a decade ago we were getting reports from trainers that in anxious or obsessive brains, training to activate the pre-frontal cortex (PFC) tended to activate already-activated patterns. Around that time (playing with Sterman’s findings about top gun pilots) I began exploring the idea that nIR training could also be done for open focus as well. Closed focus is single-pointed. The PFC needs to control all brain traffic. The pre-frontal neurons need a rapid and consistent blood flow increase to maintain high energy levels.

The open focus idling state is almost exactly the opposite: Pure awareness requires that the PFC stop controlling and simply allow a wide range of information to pass through. That suggests that the pre-frontal neurons should be deactivated, which would be consistent with lower levels of blood supply.

Life 2.0 in 2024

So we set up a game called LIFE, which provides feedback on increased blood O2 levels…and then decreased levels. It trains the ability to shift back and forth. The LIFE game provides equal periods of up and down training. The real-time graph of performance is displayed as a series of 3 minute environments, releasing birds and butterflies in Level 1 up to larger point indicators in levels 3 and 4. The player’s concentration raises the trail of flight of her avatar in the screen environment. The path displays a graph of attention index (AI)–a measure of the ability to sustain. But the rate at which it rises is the slope of the AI graph, a measure of a brain’s ability to quickly supply oxygenated blood.

After climbing at a site for 3 minutes, LIFE shifts to displaying the open-focus state. Instead of flying into the sky, you dive into the depths. Instead of butterflies and eagles, you release small fish to dolphins and larger as you go deeper and more steeply. An entire game takes 18 minutes for climbing and diving at L, R and Central sites.

The Games

State Changer has 5 more games.

PUZZLE allows the trainee to provide digital images of his own choice to be turned into a triptych puzzle whose pieces are turned over in 6-10 second trials by increasing the Attention Index. Left, center and right training sites each play 6 minutes and attempt to turn over all the pieces in their portion of the image. Training can be up or down.

ASTEROID. Each training site has its own environment. A series of asteroids come onto the top of the screen from all directions, one at a time. The player must concentrate intensely when an asteroid appears. A cross hairs scope follows the asteroid toward the earth. If the player scores the minimum number of points in 6 seconds, the asteroid is destroyed. If this is not achieved in 6 seconds, it can still be achieved in 10 (with reduced points). If the player doesn’t succeed in 10 seconds, the asteroid hits the earth. The next asteroid appears as soon as the previous one is finished. Asteroid is like high-intensity training in aerobics.

RIVER is a down-training game. The trainee is in a boat on a river. Based on ability to keep the brain from activating–to maintain a meditative observer state–the boat runs in smooth water. As it loses the state, the water becomes choppier. When the PFC is in a control state, the boat is in very rough water in a strong rainstorm. If the trainee can’t move out of the state in about 20 seconds, the boat is capsized and the voyage begins again.

PLANE trains up and down states. In order to take off to begin the game, the trainee must achieve a minimum score. Flight can go very high or stay low, based on AI and slope. At a point in the game the challenge shifts to down-training to bring the plan back to earth and land it.

PALACE builds a different palace at each of the three sites, with elements of the palace being added when sufficient points are scored.


There are 4 game statistics for each game at each site that measure stability of state, capacity to move into the new state rapidly, range from highest to lowest level achieved and Total points/minute, which is an overall measure of combined performance.

Q & A

Q: When will the State Changer be shipped?
A: State Changer headsets are being shipped now. Emails with tracking information will be mailed when yours is sent.

Q: Do all 3 sensors work at the same time?
A: No, just one at a time.

Q: Does State Changer measure the near infrared signal (nIR) or attention index?
A: Both. The Attention Index (AI) is based on the red/infrared ratio. We have feedback for both.

Q: Can I train up at Fp1 and down at Fp2 at the same time?
A: No.

Q: Does the software save the data somewhere?
A: Yes, it stores the data locally so you can track your individual progress.

Q: What size is the State Changer box?
A: 5.91″ x 9.85″ x 1.68″

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