• Brain-Training for BioEra (Pia)

    A starter package to train EEG in 2 channels for home or professional trainers. Brain-Trainer assessment and training software is a customized interface over existing BioEra software. Designs (protocols) with sound and shadow feedback built in.

    $1,715.00 or $437.00 / month for 4 months
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  • Training and mentoring

    Building Your Dream Practice (10 hours)

    This workshop is provided one-to-one directly with the trainer, over phone and internet. Training can cover any and all aspects of building a practice, from a business and marketing plan, to financial systems, to service delivery and hardware/software selection. A plan is developed to create a practice that is financially solid and utilizes the passions and interests of each participant, so that work is fun. The trainer and participant stay in contact during the actual activation of the plan. Once you order, we will email you to set up a meeting schedule.

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  • Flash Fix for Windows

    Sold by Bio-Medical Instruments.

    • Unblocks Adobe Flash content on: BioEra, BioExplorer, BioGraph Infiniti.
    • Simple installation, then your Flash-based games work again.
    • One-time purchase per computer, with no subscription or annual renewals.
    • Works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.
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  • NeXus-10 to TQ7 Conversion Tool

    Now for 2 or 4 channels! Converts assessment files from NeXus-10/BioTrace+ for use with  Brain-Trainer’s TQ7 Trainer’s Q.

    The TQ7 Trainer’s Q can be purchased here.

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