State Changer FAQ

About State Changer

The sensors use near infrared spectroscopy (nIRs) to measure blood perfusion and oxygenation in the pre-frontal cortex. The games give feedback on the brain’s ability to increase or decrease perfusion.

One of the main objectives of HEG training is to promote angiogenesis (expansion of the blood vessel network) in the prefrontal cortex. This can be achieved by promoting an increase in blood perfusion, which creates a demand for the body to adapt to accommodate this greater flow.

Another feature of State Changer (supported by years of observations with our customer base) is that we not only train the brain to increase perfusion, but also to decrease it. This type of training is especially important to help the brain reach a relaxed state and slow down the flow of thoughts.

Best results for increasing blood flow (closed focus) have been shown training every 3-4 days — 2-3 times per week. Leaving a few days between training allows the brain to rest and adapt to changes. This is based on research training in closed focus only. State Changer allows both increase and decrease training – open and closed focus – in a single session. Daily training both directions is fine, but we do not have data to show it gives faster results.

This can vary from one brain to another. However, with HEG training, it is quite common to find rapid changes after a few weeks of training. In general, around 10 sessions are usually enough for noticeable changes to begin to emerge.

Open focus is awareness of everything, paying attention to nothing.

Closed focus is concentration on a single item. The rest of the world is background.

The cover piece on State Changer is TPE, not latex. It is a material widely used in medical equipment as being hypo-allergenic.

About the technology

Specific frequencies of red and infrared light alternate being pulsed into the brain many times per second. The red frequency is absorbed by blood on the surface of the brain which is NOT oxygenated. The more oxygenated (red) blood reflects more of the red light. Like bouncing a pool shot off a cushion at a certain angle results in a carom at the equal angle, a sensor on the headset receives the reflected red light. The frequency of infrared light is reflected at a constant rate, regardless of the O2 levels in the blood. It serves as a constant. So the ratio of red to infrared light reaching the sensor about 3cm from the LEDs that produce the light is a valid measure of oxygenated blood on the surface of the cortex. If the ratio is rising, the brain is receiving more O2 and glucose to metabolize; if the ratio is decreasing, the oxygenated blood levels are decreasing.

 When you practice with feedback the body changes its distribution system for blood in the trained area. Obviously training in a small area on the left, center or right area of the PFC doesn’t only increase delivery to that small point; the whole area is affected. Since there is literally a physiological change that takes place, it becomes lasting–especially if, in your daily life, you continue to take advantage of an increased ability to perform closed or open focus.

Both. The Attention Index (AI) is based on the red/infrared ratio. We have feedback for both.

No. Currently only one site will be trained at a time. After finishing one site, the next site will be trained according to the settings you selected before beginning. Some games train up, some down, and some both.

About the State Changer app

If the games appear to be inactive, confirm you have an internet connection.  A software update will begin in the background. The next time you open the program, the games should be available. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact our support team to investigate. 

Yes. Download the app for Windows to install on your Windows machine; download the app for Mac to install on your Mac Machine. Contact support if you want to test the Mac installer and help us get it out to users.

Yes, the software stores the data locally so you can track your individual progress.

No. Sometime during this year we plan to release a unit that is able to operate directly with portable devices and will have graphically simpler games designed for smartphone or tablet screens.

There will probably be more games in the future.

State Changer Delivery

Shipments to the US will be shipped via USPS. International deliveries will be shipped via DHL.

5.91″ x 9.85″ x 1.68″

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