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Phase and Coherence

Imagine we are in a blimp floating over a great stadium where the Beach Boys are performing a farewell concert. Tens of thousands of people are standing on the grass in front of the stage. The Beach Boys begin to sing their old favorite ballad, Surfer Girl. Audience members link up into long rows, putting their arms across the shoulders of the person on either side, and begin rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the music. From above, we can see that all the rows are … Read more…

Living by the Stream

Living by the Stream Two men lived separately on the bank of a broad stream that flowed through their forest. The first man went to sleep every night to the rippling or rushing sound of the water running over the rocks in its bed, and he awoke to the sound of the birds who went… Read more »

Tao in the Woods

Tao in the Woods When I lived in Atlanta, our property backed up to a wonderful forest preserve. Going through our back fence we could walk miles and never know we were in the middle of a major metropolitan area. Shortly after we arrived, we got a Border Collie puppy we named Tao because he… Read more »

Brain Car

The Brain as a Car Intelligence If your brain were a car, intelligence would be the horsepower of the motor. What you train when you train your brain is the transmission. You can have a 400-horsepower engine, but if your transmission only has first gear, you can’t take it out on the highway. Transmission is… Read more »

The Tree

The Story of the Tree Many years ago, when I first moved to Atlanta Georgia, we bought a house that had a great old tree in the backyard. Unfortunately, by the time we got the house, the tree was not looking very healthy, so we set about trying to figure out how to help it…. Read more »