Comparison: Brain-Trainer vs. Other Brain-Based Systems

Brain patterns TLC7 cold cingulate

Most QEEG systems require you to buy special hardware and software. Since they are basically research tools, they require you to pay and wait for a comparison of the client against a general population average. Even then there is no specific focus on what or where to train. Some such systems solve this problem by training “z-scores”—essentially training all brain measures toward the average from a population database. Some of these research Q’s also sell additional software to produce LORETA images of the brain. Since EEG is almost entirely measured from neurons on the surface of the cortex, these images are simply projections based on surface data. And all training of EEG, whether whole-brain, z-score or LORETA, is training the same thing—the activity read from surface neurons.

The TQ7 and the brain-trainer system gather the same data from the same sites, but they are not designed for research. They identify brain patterns that are most likely to be related to specific training issues and combine them into a comprehensive circuit of exercises.

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