Change Your Own Brain

Change your own brainOne of the best things about training is that nobody does it TO you. Whether or not you work with a professional trainer, you’re the one doing the exercise, and you’re the one making the changes.

Most mental health diagnoses are not “curable”. Psychotherapy teaches “patients” to “live with” their problems. Medication approaches don’t claim to produce lasting changes: “you can manage the problem with drugs, but you can’t fix it”.

Brain training gives you the power to change yourself. You have the power not only to change those things that originally made you seek help, but pretty much anything in the way you think, feel, behave and perform.

Just as with training other systems in your body, you may find it more efficient or effective to work with a pro, but it’s increasingly feasible to train your own brain if you have the motivation and organization to make it happen.

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