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Free File Extractorbrain-trainer Resources
7-Zip for 64 Bit Extract rar, 7z and other files FREE
7-Zip File Extractor for 32 Bit
7-zip download and installation


Brain-Trainer Software & Device Manuals

BT2 manual thumbnail
BT2 Online Manual
tq8 manual thumbnail
TQ8 online manual
state changer manual thumbnail
State Changer manual
protocol conversion thumbnail
Protocol Conversion BioEx/BT4BE to BT2

LIFE HeadGame v1.7 – BioExplorer
HEG LIFE Instructions for Optima+ – BioExplorer
HEG LIFE Instructions for Q-wiz – BioExplorer
HEG LIFE Troubleshooting – BioExplorer

Other Device Manuals, Drivers, Support

BioExplorer setup
BioExplorer Help menu & Tutorials
 (PDF)  BE’s built-in “manual” compiled as a document
BioExplorer Tutorial html digital manual by Adrian Van Deusen
BioExplorer How-To & Support
BioExplorer Troubleshooting
BioExplorer Version – Latest version, your version
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 64 bit (665 KB)
DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 32 bit (677 KB)
DivX codec pack (976 KB) (If DVD does not work in Windows 8)
Compatibility mode for Windows 7 Windows 10 users can use Compatibility mode for Windows 7 to play DVDs in BioExplorer
MIDI synthesizer option Some users have no MIDI sounds and find Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is missing.html

Tech Sheet by BFE – Specifications for ProComp Infiniti or ProComp 2 encoders with the TLC (TQ) Suite
TLC (TQ) Suite for Infiniti

Optima Manuals & support

Optima+ Troubleshooting
Neurobit Runtime – Download the latest driver version
Firmware Update – Optima+ 4 & Optima+ 2 & Optima 2 (recent release)
FTDI driver
Optima+ 4 USB Enable device – BioExplorer
Optima 2 USB Enable device – BioExplorer


Computer & Brain-Training Help

Antivirus – Find out about your program
COM Port number – To connect device in BioExplorer
Disable USB Power Management (optional for performance)
Downloading blocked (Chrome)
Exclusion for antivirus (file missing/removed)
Microsoft Office version – Excel 32 bit is required for TQ7
Regional and Language Options
System Information – About your computer
System Specifications for training software
System Refresh
Window not visible (e.g. Wiz window) – Hold the Alt key and press Tab until the window is highlighted. Then release.
Windows 10 updates – Turn off

Practice EEG Session – Practice getting a signal and see how your brain can affect the feedback.

Signal Quality

Alpha/Theta Troubleshooting – BioExplorer

BAL4C RH Bipolar – BioExplorer + Electro-Cap
BAL4C RH Bipolar Troubleshooting

SMR Training

Feedback for Brain-Training

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